“Leading Millennials: What Every Manager Needs to Know” 

May 18, 2016

by Markku Kauppinen 

Our latest Extended DISC Blog is published in Training Magazine.  

The DISC-style distribution of the population is not static.  Rather, the distribution of the DISC-styles changes over time.  In the past, the S-styles used to be the largest percentage of the total population.  Today, the I-styles have surpassed the S-styles because more than 40 percent of Millennials are I-style individuals compared with only 27 percent of Baby Boomers. 

This change has a significant impact.  Attracting, motivating, and retaining Millennials requires more than sprinkling employment ads with promises of fun and flexibility.   Click here to read the article.

Focus on the Least Comfortable DISC-style

May 10, 2016

By Markku Kauppinen
Older womanOnce you are familiar with the DISC-styles, you will find some people are easier to identify. You will quickly think to yourself, “she is a D-style” or “he is an S-style.” These individuals have one style that is predominant and can be identified fairly easily.


Those Frustrating Other Styles!

April 26, 2016

Slide5by Christina Bowser

Have you ever been in a conversation that is headed nowhere fast? Where everyone is increasingly frustrated as both sides keep talking? We all have. (more…)

The Dating Game

April 14, 2016

by Christina Bowser

Some of you may remember a television game show called “The Dating Game” where contestants hoped to meet the person of their dreams. Only catch was they had to decide which person to choose for their date even before seeing the person. Each contestant had a set of questions he/she wanted to ask to help to make the right choice. For example, “what is your favorite sports activity?” or “what type of boyfriend/girlfriend are you looking for?” However, since there were three bachelors/bachelorettes to choose from site unseen, a contestant could only ask a few questions to each of them.   Consequently, the questions needed to be revealing for there to be a good match. (more…)

Understanding, Motivating and Leading Millennials

April 7, 2016

Online education - group of students studying with computers by Markku Kauppinen

It’s now official: I am getting old. The moment happened when I was part of a conversation involving how entitled the Millennials are. Millennials or Generation Y, are the demographic group following Generation X, range in age from teen to early 30s. Apparently, they have an enormous amount of self-esteem that is simply not backed up with a corresponding level of talent. (more…)

Chairlift Management

March 28, 2016

By Markku Kauppinen

Skiing was a big part of my childhood. I have great memories of spending time on the slopes with my family. While skiing is typically viewed as an individual sport, it is also happens to be a great family activity. Not only do you often ski together, but you also have time for uninterrupted conversations on the chairlifts. No smartphones, just the opportunity to have quality time with your most important people. (more…)

Peer Pressure Doesn’t End in High School

March 21, 2016


By Christina Bowserbigstock-group-of-cheerful-high-school--46806397

In high school did you socialize with the smart kids, the athletes, the band, the artsy ones, or the quiet ones who flew under the radar? At the time, it seemed so important to fit into a group, small or large. The pressure to “fit in” (more…)

Are You Listening to Me??!!

March 14, 2016


by Markku Kauppinen Are You Listening to Me Executives

The blank stare said it all. She had no idea what I was talking about or simply did not care. I cannot remember which alternative was more exasperating. It did not really matter because I was just plain frustrated. How could my point not have gotten across?

The year was 1993 and I was a young branch manager working at (more…)

“Recruiting to Your Weakness”

March 2, 2016

by Markku KauppinenGroup of business people assembling jigsaw puzzle and represent

Recently I worked with a consulting firm that utilizes the information we provide to help their clients with strategy implementation. This particular client company had a common problem that we often see in countless and varied organizations. There are no companies that seem to be immune to it. Managers are cloning themselves. (more…)

Don’t Take Your Strengths for Granted

February 24, 2016

by Markku Kauppinen

After talking on the phone with Debbie for a few minutes, I was certain she had to be a very analytical “C-style” individual. Her deliberate, steady pace of speech and her highly detailed questions were clear giveaways. (more…)