June 2017

The DISC Assessment Tool: What Can it Do for You?

DISC Assessment Tools

The DISC Assessment Tool looks at your natural behavioral style in a variety of formats. Change isn't easy if you don't know you're doing something or why it's an issue. It may not even make sense. Instead of simply muddling along, trying to make changes and failing, take the DISC test. How you use your DISC profile results is up to you. Let it tell you who you are, and who you can be.


June 2017

Your Father’s DISC Personality Type

Dad's DISC Personality Type on Father's Day

Knowing the DISC personality type of someone you are close to, such as your dad, can be quite difficult without the skills to recognize DISC personality types. Extended DISC offers assistance to understand the four DISC styles through our DISC assessments, DISC blogs, webinars, and infographics! This Father's Day blog from Extended DISC helps you think about and identify your father's DISC style. You may even decide that an Extended DISC assessment is the perfect Father's Day gift!


June 2017

Using Team DISC Assessments: Team Application

Team DISC Assessments Cover

We rely on teamwork to get things done. Team DISC assessments are a highly useful tool to identify the team's preferred way of doing things, natural strengths, and areas of development. In addition, the DISC report can provide supporting information on how the team can work more effectively.


June 2017

Practicing One DISC Communication Exercise at a Time

DISC communication exercise is not quite the same as dog exercising with his frisbee disc

Now that you've learned about the DISC profiles, also known as DISC personality types, you'll want to start build it into your daily interactions. Practice one simple and practical DISC communication exercise often to help you improve and succeed with other people.

Some of us may be thinking of a dog exercising with his frisbee disc when talking about DISC and exercising! However, each DISC communication exercise below is about improving our interactions with others. You'll find with practice you won't even have to think about DISC. It will just be part of how you interact successfully with others. The golden rule is to keep it simple and practical. Below are some useful DISC exercises to practice.


May 2017

DISC Yearbook Quotes: What Would Your DISC Style Write?

What would your DISC Style write in a yearbook today?

Your DISC style is reflected in your everyday behavior. Even in your writing! Do you remember what you used to write in your friends' yearbooks? Looking at them now, do you believe what you wrote reflects your DISC style? What would your DISC style write in a yearbook today?


May 2017

Successful DISC Training…What’s Next?

Successgful DISC Training What next?

Participants can take the DISC profile assessment, complete a successful DISC training, and feel motivated to start using their DISC knowledge. However, "the real world" can derail it from happening. After a DISC workshop, we get slammed deadlines, emails, phone calls, etc.


May 2017

Overcoming Misconceptions about DISC Styles

We have differing views of DISC personality types based on our own perceptions. Hence, we may also have misconceptions about DISC personality types. When we talk to other people about DISC styles we notice that people have differing views of others. They are different for various reasons. These beliefs are sometimes even inaccurate, but we can grow these beliefs into biases and misconceptions about DISC styles. As human beings, we make judgments on other people. We hold pre-conceived views because it allows us to make decisions about others. However, they can also cloud our judgment.


May 2017

KISS My DISC: Simple DISC Approach Works Best

KISS My DISC simple DISC approach

Have you ever found yourself over-thinking and complicating things when coaching DISC? Then, try focusing on the DISC basics using a more simple DISC approach. You have most likely heard of the KISS model (Keep it Simple Stupid). While we are definitely NOT stupid, keeping it simple in the things that we do can help decrease misunderstanding and mistakes. A simple DISC approach can also increase learning and motivation. You can apply the KISS model to communication and the use of DISC reports.


April 2017

Preferred DISC Communication Styles

Preferred DISC Communication Styles

Have you ever considered how DISC profiles prefer to communicate? Identifying people's preferred DISC communication styles is an effective tool to interact better. DISC profiles have preferred DISC communication styles. They have ways that they are more comfortable when interacting with others. Some DISC profiles share similarities and some have differences. However, by understanding how a person prefers to interact, we can then modify our own DISC style to interact more successfully. If we make these adjustments then they will be more engaged and receptive to what we have to say.