March 2017

Opposite DISC Personality Types Clash

Opposite DISC personality types discussing work

Opposite DISC personality types can create for challenging interactions. Are you someone who lives and breaths superlatives, but your boss uses words like "fine" or "good"? Different personality types can perceive behaviors and actions differently. I-style profiles prefer superlatives when describing behaviors and giving feedback. C-style and S-style profiles may be more economical in their choice of words. If we are more aware of how we communicate, where we are similar and different, then we are able to modify our behaviors and have a more successful outcome.


March 2017

Are Millennials Really That Different?

Are Millennials really that different on how they use technology and adopt social norms?

Are millennials really that different? They have been labeled as "entitled, unmotivated and unproductive". Does taking the DISC test or understanding their DISC personality types help with misconceptions. Can we use DISC to improve our interactions with millennials?


February 2017

Understanding DISC Profiles Differently

Fish Below the Surface of the Water

Understanding DISC profiles can be challenging without DISC training. However, we can present different ways to explain them to make sure our clients have a clear understanding of their DISC profiles.


February 2017

Stressed, Anxious and Unproductive – Not Just Millennials

Stressed and unproductive millennial

Everyone can get a little stressed, unproductive, and anxious sometimes. Society likes to label millennials as the generation of stress and anxiety. Read from a millennials perspective as to why we should stop labeling generations, and why DISC can effectively help us see unique differences in causes of stress, and how we can alleviate that stress and manage our time.


February 2017

Effective Communication in 4 Steps

4 steps to effective communication overview

Our webinar provides you with an overview of the 4 Steps to Effective Communication and why it's so effective in your DISC practice. Combining these 4 steps with DISC tools will enhance your ability to deliver DISC to your clients and employees.


January 2017

Analytical Personality Type: Am I Correct?

Analytical Personality Type

The Analytical Personality Type is logical, quiet, and prefers to focus on tasks. She wants to do things correctly. Use your behavioral strengths to succeed, but try these tips to be more successful.


January 2017

Steady Personality Type: Assert Your Strengths!

Steady Personality Type: Assert Your Strengths!

The steady personality type, also know as the S-style is amiable and friendly. He likes to focus on building relationships and being a team player. Learn some tips for being more successful as an S-style.