August 2017

Customer Service Improves Using DISC Assessments

When it comes to the customer service industry, one of the ways to make it better is to use DISC profiles. These provide an additional layer of information to use in customer analysis, and also helps match up salespeople, customer service personnel, and customers, for the maximum level of effectiveness and efficiency. These profiles can be included in customer service training, to help salespeople and others who have customer service jobs work with people more effectively. Not only does that mean a business with smoother operation, but also a customer base that is happier and that feels appreciated.


August 2017

Using DISC to Help Students Succeed

Diverse students on sofa

When it comes to the DISC model and the different DISC styles, most people think of using it for business. However, students can find value in DISC Assessments.Both college and high school students, as well as even students in elementary school, can develop a better understanding of how people communication and interact with each other if they all see one another's DISC profiles as well as their own. That may make them better communicators, but it will also generally make them more compassionate toward others and more understanding of people who are different from them.


August 2017

Selling Knives? Consider My DISC Buying Style First

Have you ever considered that everyone has a preferred way of making buying decisions? How can knowing someone's DISC buying style help you close a deal?

People have preferred ways of making decisions when it comes to buying something. Knowing someone's DISC buying style simply reminds you that you can better control the sales process by adapting your sales style. Some DISC types want a direct 'just tell me what I need to know' approach. Other DISC profiles want assurance or data to be able to make the correct decision. If you can find what motivates your prospect to purchase, then you will become much more successful at closing that deal.


July 2017

DISC Blind Spots: What Do You Mean I’m Insensitive?

DISC Blind Spots

Were you ever shocked to hear yourself called "distant, insensitive, or indecisive" because you wouldn't have described yourself that way? At times, you may feel a disconnect between how you view yourself versus how others view you. Blind spots may stem from this gap in awareness.


July 2017

Sales: Gaining Competitive Advantages Using DISC

DISC assessments have the ability to tell you a lot about yourself, your employees, and your entire organization. DISC can be used to figure out if a certain career, such as sales, is right for an individual. DISC profiles will benefit your organization in training, employee engagement, customer relations, and much more!


July 2017

The DISC Profiles Interviewing You for a Job

DISC Profiles Waiting to be Interviewed

Before a job interview, it is important to be self-aware. A DISC assessment will provide you with all of the information you need to have a heightened sense of self. Once you understand yourself, and your DISC profile, it is vital to learn and understand the DISC profiles of others. With this deep understanding, you can adjust your behavior, your communication skills and more in all aspects of your life, such as a job interview!


July 2017

Why DISC Works in Today’s Pop Culture World

Do we really know ourselves, despite being in a era of heightened self-awareness? How does pop culture play a factor in finding out more about ourselves? DISC tests are commonly used in the workplace, but are they all the same? Learn how validated DISC reports can help people understand more about themselves and others without being judged.


July 2017

Employee Feedback Using DISC Assessments

Employee Feedback Using DISC profiles

When it comes to helping employees understand where their strengths and weaknesses are, getting employee feedback from their managers is crucial. DISC assessments can help facilitate the process. Better communication through the DISC tool can help reduce misunderstandings and keep everyone in the company on the same page.


July 2017

Using DISC Profiles at the Organizational Level

DISC Profiles at the Organizational Level Leadership Comic

How can CEOs and leadership use the DISC assessment tool to better manage their employees? Using DISC profiles at the Organizational Level webinar is part 3 of our Using Team DISC Assessments series. We discussed how Team DISC Assessments can provide supportive information for teams to achieve success in part one. The idea is to help people become more effective team members and develop a successful team. In part two, Manager's Playbook, we focused on how managers could use team DISC assessments to better lead and develop their teams. Now we focus on how we manage and use DISC Profiles at the organizational level.


July 2017

DISC Assessment Results: How You Act Under Pressure

DISC Styles Under Pressure

Your DISC assessment results will give you the vital information you need to adjust your behavior. You can learn to adjust, or deal with your behavior in pressure situations, your interactions, your decision making practices, and more! Extended DISC assessments can also be customized to help you adjust your behavior in specific job roles such as leadership, customer service, management, and much more.

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