My Self-Study Workbook

Overview:  My Self-Study Workbook is a practical and very user-friendly tool in individuals’ journey self-improvement.  It is particularly relevant now as so many employees work remotely or are forced to look for new career opportunities.

Description:  My Self-Study Workbook is a self-paced, self-guided assessment and workbook to develop a more confident self-awareness and to help create a very clear and individualized development plan.  Some of the sections are:

  • Introduction to the Extended DISC® Model
  • Introduction to the DISC-Styles
  • My Motivators
  • Situations that Reduce My Motivation
  • My Strengths
  • My Reactions to Pressure Situations
  • My Stressors
  • My Communication Style
  • My Decision-Making Style
  • My Role in a Team
  • Changing your behavior
  • Personal Action Plan
  • What next

Recommended for: 

  • Remote/virtual employees
  • Individuals in career transition or planning
  • Motivated individuals seeking self-paced professional and personal development
  • Individuals who need reinforcement training
  • Training participants as pre-work and introduction to behavioral modification
  • Coaching clients
  • Young adults

Support tools: We offer our clients extensive personal support and support materials.  Our clients also have access to our team of coaches and client support specialists.

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