Extended DISC® Individual Assessment for Sales and Business Development

Overview: Success in business and sales is determined in a very large part by how well sales and business professionals interact with others. Their ability to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate prospects is a crucial skill in creating successful, long-term relationships with clients.

Description: Extended DISC® Sales and Business Development Assessments are tailored to meet your needs and preferences. Among the most popular assessments are:

Sales and business professionals learn:

  • The four-main human behavioral styles
  • Who you are and how others perceive you
  • How to read prospects and clients and to better understand them
  • How to adjust your sales style to achieve your goals

Recommended for: Any sales or business professional who prospects, works with clients, or is responsible for acquiring new clients.

Support tools: At Extended DISC we offer our clients extensive support. Some of the most popular support materials with this assessment are:

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