Extended DISC® FAQs

Not Only a Communication Tool

While we can’t dispute the power of Extended DISC as a communication tool, most overlook a vast majority of other applications. It is a behavioral modification tool.

Case Studies and Best Practices

Learn best practices and different ways organizations are using Extended DISC® to become more successful.

Certification Options

Certification is recommended, but not required. We offer Certification options to fit your needs and preferences.

Facilitator Support

Extended DISC® provides facilitators with a wide variety of resources to save time and effort in delivering effective training and coaching to create lasting change.

Extended DISC® Support Materials

You need and want support to ensure successful applications. We offer a full range of award-winning support tools that will do just that.

Extended DISC® Support Resources

Need new ideas or want to learn best practices? Visit our website and gain access to past webinars and blogs. Stay current and increase your knowledge by signing up for upcoming weekly webinars. You do not have to attend live. You will automatically receive the recordings.

Extended DISC® Reinforcement Reports

Extended DISC® Reinforcement Reports are designed to reinforce training. They focus on targeted areas, so your participants keep practicing confident self-awareness and modifying behaviors to become more successful.

Pricing Options

From a handful to thousands of DISC assessments, we have an option tailored for you.

Significance of DISC Colors

Do the colors used in Extended DISC® mean something? & Why are the DISC-styles certain colors?

How is Extended DISC® different from DISC?

Almost 100% of our clients used DISC before upgrading to Extended DISC®. Here are just a few reasons what prompted them to make the change.