Frequently Asked Questions Regarding DISC Assessment and Extended DISC

What is DISC?

DISC is an online assessment tool used to measure an individual’s personality and behavior.

What is DISC used for?

DISC is used to improve individual and organizational behavior. DISC provides benefits towards effective communication and understanding others.

What does DISC stand for?

DISC stands for the four behavioral styles D, I, S, and C; or Dominance, Influence, Stable/Steady, and Compliance/Correctness.

What does DISC tell me about myself?

With the results from our Extended DISC report, you will learn your personal behavior style(s), your most comfortable style of communication, how you react in situations of pressure and fear, how you can best communicate with other styles based on your personal DISC style, your strengths and development areas, and so much more!

Who uses DISC?

DISC is mostly used by organizations who wish to understand their employees better, but is also used by individuals who want to know more about themselves and by companies in hiring processes.

What’s the difference between Extended DISC and other DISC assessment tools?

There are a wide variety of differences between Extended DISC and other DISC assessment tools. Extended DISC reports give you the information you need to truly adjust behavior by providing your natural DISC style- not just the style you think you need to be like other DISC assessments do.

Extended DISC also gives clients the option to customize reports for content, design, work role, and more! Our option to tailor reports provides respondents with the most relevant, valid assessment. Extended DISC is top in its industry in client support and customer service- we are always ready to help our clients with DISC related questions or concerns.