November 2016

Nov 30th: I’m Successful…Why Change? Webinar

The webinar Don't Let Success Hold Your Back is on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT. Just because you're successful doesn't mean you don't need to change. Changing behavior is difficult. It takes a energy to change.


October 2016

Oct. 19th Webinar: Coaching Difficult People Using DISC

Coaching difficult people is just that…it is difficult. And the challenges are unique for each of us. Are there things we can do to help smooth out some of the bumps in the road? This 30-minute webinar will touch on approaches and give you tips to master some difficult moments that can come up when you are reviewing Extended DISC assessments.


October 2016

Join us at the HRSouthwest Conference, Oct. 16-19

Extended DISC is the Bronze Sponsor and an exhibitor at the 2016 the HRSouthwest Conference, October 16-19 at Ft. Worth, TX.

Extended DISC® offers customizable, online DISC assessments for leadership, sales, customer service, team and communication training. Our Unlimited Use DISC License allows you to use an unlimited number of assessments for a fixed fee. Our Public and Virtual Certification options are approved for PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification credits. Stop by our booth #708 at the HRSouthwest Conference and take a guess at the Extended DISC Original Money Jar and win all the cash!


September 2016

September 22: Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar

DISC Training Videos Webinar

Join our Extended DISC Training Videos webinar to preview our newest resource to creatively ramp up your client's and audience's understanding of DISC. Training can be fun and effective with the right tools and creative content. Some methods of learning do not work for everyone. In these DISC training videos you will learn key information on the four DISC Styles and the importance of DISC assessments towards everyday life. With these tools you can become one step closer in identifying the styles of others, and modify your behavior to improve communication. Learn how videos can also enhance the quality of your training sessions. See below on how to register for the Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar!


September 2016

Finnish National Basketball Team Surpass Comfort Zone With DISC

Finland's National Basketball Team and Extended DISC start their 2nd decade of successful collaboration. A decade ago, the Finnish men's team was not even globally ranked. Now, a part of being ranked 32 in the world, can be attributed to incorporating DISC tools into improving team communication and interactions. More and more sports teams get out of their comfort zones and achieve better results with DISC Assessments.


August 2016

Webinar: Extended DISC vs. DISC

Did you know that not all DISC tools measure the same things? Join for this 30 minute webinar on the differences between Extended DISC and other DISC tools.