Sales Assessment for the Manager

Overview: Successful sales managers constantly develop their sales professionals. This is challenging because each salesperson is unique with different strengths, development areas, motivators and preferences. In order to be effective, sales managers must adjust their style to every salesperson.

Description: Extended DISC® Sales Assessment for the Manager provides specific and concise information about a sales professional. It is designed to help sales manager to more effectively develop, motivate, and coach their salespeople. In essence, it is an owner’s manual for each sales professional. It saves sales managers’ valuable time and improves the productivity of their salespeople.

The reports can be tailored to focus on sales behaviors specific to your needs. Sales managers typically include sections such as:

  • Salesperson’s strengths and weaknesses
  • What motivates and demotivates the salesperson
  • Salesperson’s time management
  • Sales behavioral competences
  • Salesperson’s decision-making
  • How salesperson reacts to pressure
  • Salesperson’s communication style
  • Salesperson’s DISC-style

Recommended for: Sales managers, sales coaches, sales directors and vice presidents of sales.

Support tools: At Extended DISC we offer our clients extensive support. Some of the most popular support materials with this assessment are:

Work Pair Assessment Quick Reference Cards The Coach's Playbook Starter Kit