October 2016

Coaching Difficult People Using DISC: Be Prepared

Coaching difficult people is just that…it’s difficult. The challenges are unique for each of us. Learn how to prepare for these types of DISC sessions. Set yourself up for success by being prepared


October 2016

Using DISC Profiles Beyond Reports

Have you considered using DISC Profiles beyond reports? The DISC information that we get from Extended DISC reports is highly useful, but there are additional ways to look at the data. This webinar will cover ways to dynamically manage the DISC information you have. You can view overall DISC culture in teams, departments, and even the organization. Intro on how to View your top performers, track employees who leave the organization, use data in team settings and more.


September 2016

Introducing Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar

We have created a set of brand new entertaining videos on DISC that are now available for you to use in your practice. Ever thought about using DISC videos in your training? Preview the Extended DISC Training Videos Webinar to learn ways to build them into your sessions


September 2016

What Makes Extended DISC Different From DISC?

DISC trainers are often asked "What makes Extended DISC different from other DISC tools?" Aren't all DISC tools the same? They are not all the same. Learn the significants benefits of using the Extended DISC tool. No one owns DISC or the theory, it is public domain. However, there are companies that have their proprietary reports and questionnaires using this theory.


August 2016

Key to Managing Millennials for Managers

Attracting and retaining Millennials requires more than employment ads with promises of fun and flexibility.Workplace leaders need to understand what makes managing Millennials different and implement strategies to help them succeed.


August 2016

Managing Stress for the Different DISC Styles

Individuals are unique and respond differently to stress and pressure. Stress is a part of every day life. We are constantly in situations where we deal with people, changes, surprises and daily life. The topic of stress often comes up when we are working with our employees and clients. DISC styles perceive, display, and respond to stress differently. Stress is the enemy to being able to modify our communication style and therefore, can get us into trouble. By becoming more aware of how our DISC style functions under pressure, we develop better skills to managing stress.


August 2016

Extended DISC Resources Webinar

This 30-minute Extended DISC Resources webinar covers the many resources available to Extended DISC Assessment users. Go one step better and learn tips on how to effectively use them. Support to your assessments is available as written materials, power point presentations, training exercises, validation study, client resource web portal and so much more!


August 2016

Overusing Strengths of DISC Style

We often find ourselves are under stress, pressured, or feeling fatigued. This 30 minute webinar shows how the strengths of your DISC-style can hinder your success when we feel this way. At times like these we have a tendency to go into auto-pilot and overuse our natural behavioral strengths to the point they because our weaknesses. Overusing our strengths gets us into trouble, but with self awareness we can overcome it. Markku Kauppinen, CEO of Extended DISC will help you discover skills to capitalize on your style’s strengths while working on your development areas.


April 2016

DISC Training Activities for Workshops

DISC training activities for Workshops

As coaches and trainers we are always looking for DISC training activities for workshops and coaching sessions. Senior Extended DISC trainiers cover tips and exercises to make trainings more fun and interactive.