April 2019

What is Your Country’s National Stress Indicator™?

Stressed moving fast in a crosswalk

The National Stress Index™ measures a country's stress level and is exclusive to the Extended DISC® tools. The Index can provide relevant information to better understand and discuss a country's identified stress levels in terms of trends and in comparison to other countries.


December 2018

DISC Profiles: Can I Trust the Results?

Businessman shows concept hologram Validation on his hand

One of the most important questions needing to be asked is, “Can the results be trusted?” In some DISC assessments, a random selection of responses still generates a DISC profile. Obviously, the results are inaccurate, misleading and will likely cause misguided decisions.

Fortunately, Extended DISC has built in validity checks that give confidence in the results.


November 2018

DISC Profiles: 6 Basic Profile Types

Extended DISC Diamond Basic Profile Type I Lead - I Execute

The Basic Profile Types describe 6 DISC profiles that are a combination of two DISC styles. Ninety nine percent of all Extended DISC profiles are a combination of DISC styles. Therefore, the Basic Profile Types provide us with another way to understand our behavioral styles and others as well.


November 2018

DISC Profiles: the Opposite Styles

Workers looking at construction diagrams

Have you ever heard of Opposite DISC Profiles? The majority of us have not, but understanding they exists helps us to better interact with others.


November 2018

DISC Profiles: 3 DISC Styles Above the Line

We often identify a person by their primary DISC style. However, did you know the most common Extended DISC profile is 3 DISC styles? What does that mean and what are the implications? How do you identify them and how do you help them become more successful?