Extended DISC® is an industry leading DISC assessment provider and certification resource.

For more than 25 years, Extended DISC® has been providing clients with the information they need in order to be successful. After delivering millions of assessments and with operations in over 40 countries, Extended DISC® consistently provides the best customer service in the industry. Our tools provide valuable information on DISC styles, and also allows individuals to customize their assessments to their unique wants and needs.

What is DISC and how is it used?

DISC is an online assessment tool used to measure an individual’s behavior built off of a model created by Willian Moulton Marston almost 100 years ago. Marston based his model off of the foundations of a theory of human behavior by Carl Gustav Jung in order to increase self-awareness and better understand other people. The DISC model identifies four behavior styles an individual can identify with: D-Style (Dominance), I-Style (Influence), S-Style (Stable/Steadiness), and C-Style (Compliance/Correctness).

The DISC model has the power to benefit individuals in their professional and personal life. DISC gives individuals the information they need to make cognizant decisions about how to modify their behavior while interacting with others- a skill that is sure to bring success to those who practice it.

DISC Behavior Model

DISC Certification from Extended DISC provides you with the tools and support necessary to be come a confident and successful DISC trainer.

With an Extended DISC® Certification you will gain knowledge on the four DISC styles and how to effectively communicate to others on understanding individual, work pair, and team assessments.

Information learned in a certification session is extremely valuable for those who want to understand how to identify the DISC styles and adjust their behavior based on their identification. We offer three options for DISC certification: Virtual, Public, and Onsite Certification. Each type of certification is unique in its own way and can be tailored to your wants and needs in terms of what you want to learn about DISC.

Learn about the power and flexibility of Extended DISC®'s customizable reports, and so much more.

Have you ever received a DISC report that is impersonal and completely lacking in terms of giving you the information you need to become successful? We give respondents the option to customize reports so they get the most out of their DISC assessment experience. We offer a diverse range of report types and give clients the ability to modify their reports towards content, design, report type, and more.

It's crucial to give respondents useful information to understand DISC Styles, communicate effectively, adjust their behavior with the content included in our reports. We also provide perks such as DISC Certification, DISC Support Materials, and exceptional facilitator support and customer service so clients can utilize our DISC assessment tools as effectively as possible.

The sky is the limit for organizational development and success, and with Extended DISC®, organizations can become triumphant.