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We are committed to providing the most responsive and best customer service in the assessment industry.

Other DISC providers rely on a network of distributors with no set service standards. Extended DISC® assessments has a dedicated team for customer support, as well as a team of coaches to ensure exceptional facilitator support.  

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Extended DISC®, utilizing their robust tool set and superior customer service. In this age of assessments, we appreciate the importance of having an effective strategic partner as we integrate, interpret and communicate the assessment process to our customer base. We explored many options, but chose Extended DISC® — certainly one of the best decisions that we have made. Our field of 600 trainers will confirm that Extended DISC®‘s customer service is far superior to any other outside relationship that we have experienced. We’re proud to be part of Extended DISC®.” — David Mattson, CEO & President of Sandler Training, Inc.

Webinars can be a great way to expand upon your knowledge of various DISC topics with creative content. 

Training Videos
Training can be fun and effective with the right tools. We have created a series of videos to enhance learning. 

Blogs can be a great way to gain insight to our tools so you can better utilize them for your team.

Case Studies
Case studies were conducted to determine how clients utilize Extended DISC® within its organization.

Training Materials
We realize that you need and want support to ensure successful applications. We offer a variety of training materials. 

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All Things DISC

What is DISC?

DISC is a self-assessment tool that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others. DISC creates a common language and a self-awareness to better understand ourselves and others.

The DISC model divides people into four main behavioral styles. Individuals are identified as either People-oriented or Task-oriented. They are further distinguished as Reserved or Active. The resulting behavioral styles are called:

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