For over 25 years, Extended DISC® has provided our clients with the information they need to reach optimal success.

Today we have operations in over 40 countries and have delivered MILLIONS of assessments.

Our Mission

We have the upmost desire to provide the best assessment tools for our clients. It is extremely important that our clients get what they want and need out of our DISC assessments, therefore we strive to have the best customization options for our reports. We know that standard off-the-shelf reports cannot fit all situations, which is why we give our clients the power to tailor reports specific to their unique needs.

We believe it is vital to deliver the most responsive and flexible facilitator support and customer service in order to be the best in our industry. Our clients are highly outspoken about the support and customer service that we provide. We are proud and committed to maintaining high quality customer support.

More than DISC, Extended DISC®

There are countless DISC assessment tools out in the world, but Extended DISC® is a unique tool that not only provides valuable information on DISC styles, but it allows individuals to customize assessments unique to their wants and needs. We give individuals the power to tailor assessments on content, design, and more! For example, you wouldn’t want a Leadership Report for a Customer Service respondent- which is why we offer a wide array of options to choose from in terms of receiving the most suitable report for your needs.

Our assessments give respondents their natural, hard-wired DISC Style, not just the DISC style the individual thinks they need to be in order to be successful. Our reports tell the respondent who they really are, and how to adjust their behavior with other DISC Styles based on their natural style. We provide that first step in the right direction towards effective communication. 

We have led the industry of DISC assessment tools for over 25 years. We provide useful information for effective communication towards organizational success and give our clients the power to tailor reports to their unique needs.

We are highly valued in terms of exceptional facilitator support and customer service. We do not limit clients on their ability to gain as much information as possible in understanding DISC. From DISC Certification, to support materials, to client support, Extended DISC® is the best DISC assessment tool in the industry.