DISC Assessments

How DISC Works

Extended DISC® is a suite of scientifically validated online assessments used by thousands of organizations worldwide. When a respondent is asked to complete our online DISC questionnaire, it only takes about ten minutes. The respondent can be emailed the secure website link to take the assessment and a specific Access Code to notify our system. The Access Code tells our DISC platform who the DISC Profile data belongs to, what type of report is generated, and where the results are sent to. There are 24 challenging questions that the respondent answers.

For the best result possible, we make it so respondents can choose from over 60 languages. This way respondents can take their questionnaires in their native language to insure the highest validity of response. After the questionnaire is completed, the results are emailed within seconds! Results can also to be sent to additional persons such as facilitators, respondents, administrators, and more!

Extended DISC® Allows Customization of Assessments

There are an array of options when customizing an assessment. Customization can be done to not only the look of the assessment (colors, pictures, logos, etc.), but to the content as well (specific job roles, etc.). Not only do we offer Individual assessments, but we offer Team, Work-Pair, Department, and Organizational assessments too! Any assessment can be tailored to a short DISC report or a comprehensive one- Extended DISC® can accommodate to your needs and preferences!