Updating and Energizing Your Sales DISC Sessions

Is it time to add extra energy and learning experiences to your DISC sales sessions? DISC sales sessions help your salespeople be more productive and sell more successfully. The key is finding the balance between learning, practice, and application. Here are a few tips, activities, and resources to deliver your best sessions yet. Energize expectations […]

Yay or ugh? Transitioning Back to the Office

What’s the new ‘normal’ as your offices are reopening? Are you sad to be putting away your home office loungewear? Are you trying on your work clothes; albeit a little tighter? It’s that time. Companies are transitioning their employees back to the office. Unlike last year’s abrupt switch to remote work, there’s more time reopening […]

Helping You Debrief DISC Results Virtually

With a few adjustments, delivering DISC results virtually can be a smooth transition. Debriefing Extended DISC® assessments virtually, is pretty similar to what you already do in person or over the phone. Use your current skills and knowledge and transfer them into the virtual platform. You don’t have to start from scratch. Start with what […]

Tips to Ensure Your Participants Succeed After DISC Training

Clients leave your session motivated and ready to put their learning into practice. But, how? In an ideal world, you have intensive one-on-one follow-ups with learners. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this option. How then, can you ensure your learners benefit from DISC application? DISC gives you a head start A comprehensive DISC training […]

Know Thyself When Entering or Reentering the Job Market

A gloomy job market and millions of job seekers…how do you stand out? In the past year, the unemployment rate has reached historically high numbers. Many of us may find ourselves looking for a new job. Those graduating and entering the workforce, find themselves up against a lot of competition in job seekers. Many are […]

Making Emails, Phone Calls, and Virtual Meetings Less Frustrating

Remember those frustrating emails flying back in forth with no end in sight? Why don’t they understand what I am trying to say? We’ve all had experiences where we’ve rolled our eyes or had to let out a loud sigh because we are not communicating well. Communication, at its best, flows smoothly and both sides […]

Staying Motivated with New Year’s Resolutions

Clean slate; time to make your New Year’s resolutions! How can DISC help you make goals you are motivated to see all the way through? New Year resolutions can be a motivating jumpstart to reaching our goals; not to mention, it helps us feel better about what we didn’t do the past year. However, goals […]

Communication Preferences: Are You Getting Your Message Across?

Have you ever felt others are speaking a different language than you, even though it’s really the same language? Communication is the exchange of information and ideas with others, but it’s not always received as it was intended. We’ve all had times where we’ve rolled our eyes (maybe internally), let out a long sigh of […]

Owning Your Strengths and Taking on Your Challenges!

Are you a successful person who owns your behavioral strengths and doesn’t ignore your development areas? You are most engaged when you’re able to tap into your strengths. Behavioral strengths feel more comfortable and motivating, while development areas feel more challenging and energy draining. A better understanding of your strengths and development areas lead to […]

Tips to Debriefing DISC Profiles

Read this if you could use tips on debriefing DISC Profiles. Many of you debrief DISC Assessment results regularly with your clients and employees. You may be doing it in a workshop or one-on-one. Regardless of how you debrief, we have some tips and brief refreshers to help you and your clients better understand their […]

Holiday Joy and Stressors: We All Have Them!

Wait…how many days until the holidays?! Are you suddenly shocked or surprised the holidays are just around the corner!? They are traditionally a busy and cheerful time, but they can also cause stress and strong emotions during our family interactions. Not to mention, we are in an uncharted and chaotic time where we could all […]

Sales Theory: Not Exciting, But it Works!

Sales theory breaks down the continuum of a sales job. So, how does that help you? Wouldn’t it be great if we had a template for the perfect salesperson? Unfortunately, we all know there is no one ideal salesperson; the best person depends on what you need to accomplish in the role. People who excel […]

Popular Webinar Recording Links

What is D-I-S-C? D-styles Overview – 30 mins – Diana: Your D-style Co-worker I-styles Overview – 30 mins – Ian: Your I-style Co-worker S-styles Overview – 30 mins – Sam: Your S-style Co-worker C-styles Overview – 30 mins – Carol: Your C-style Co-worker What Does Extended DISC Measure? – 15 mins 4 Steps to Effective Communication  4 Steps Overview – 30 mins – understanding […]

Overview of C-styles

How do we identify and describe C-styles? Do you work with or know someone who tends to be more analytical and reserved; someone we’d describe as a C-style? Has it been easy or challenging for you to interact with them? We can interact better with our C-style colleagues if we understand their style.

Our Most Popular Support Materials

Great trainers are always looking for more ways to build engaging and interactive exercises in their DISC sessions, right? Great trainers are always looking for more ways to build engaging and interactive exercises in their DISC sessions, right? Great trainers are always looking for more ways to build engaging and interactive exercises in their DISC […]

Brief Overview of Six Basic Profile Types

Here’s a brief introduction to the Extended DISC® Six Basic Profile Types. They are created to help us gain a deeper understanding of the DISC-model and how to better help others succeed. They are another way to describe the DISC profiles with 2 styles above the line. Learn about the ‘I Sell – I Lead,’ […]

Extended DISC Sales 18 Assessment

Sales 18 is a very practical and easy-to-use sales assessment based on the DISC-theory. However, the users do not need to understand DISC-model to use it! It calculates sales professionals’ match percentages in 18 critical areas to clearly identify the strengths and development areas for sales success. In this 15-minute mini webinar, you will learn […]

Taking the KISS Approach to DISC

You’ve likely heard of the KISS approach(Keep it Simple Stupid) to doing many things. While we’re clearly NOT stupid, we can all benefit from a more straightforward approach to using DISC.

DISC Profiles: 6 Basic Profile Types

What are the 6 Basic Profile Types? Ninety nine percent of all individuals who take the Extended DISC Assessment are a combination of DISC styles. The Basic Profile Types describe the 6 DISC profiles that are a combination of two DISC styles. They are the second most common profile type, following profiles with three DISC […]

DISC Profiles: 3 DISC Styles Above the Line

People’s DISC styles can often be oversimplified by identifying them only by their primary DISC-style. Are they a D-style, I-style, S-style, or C-style? In reality, when we focus only on one style, we may end up pigeonholing the individual, limiting their successes, and creating misunderstandings. Everyone is a combination of all four DISC styles. Identifying […]

What Makes Extended DISC Different from DISC?

Chances are you’ve been asked, “What makes Extended DISC different from other DISC tools?” They are not all the same. The distinction between the assessments is critical to getting the right information to actually improve communication skills. As trainers we get asked this question all the time. No one owns DISC or the theory, it’s […]

Carol: Your C-style co-worker

We seek out our C-style co-workers when we need a problem-solver; yet their nit-pickiness can irritate us. Understanding your C-style colleagues can help you to work better with them.

Sam: Your S-style Co-Worker

Our S-style co-workers are steady and dependable, but they can frustrate us with their resistance to change and indecisiveness. Can we work better with them by understanding their behavioral style?

Ian: Your I-style Coworker

I-style co-workers create a positive work environment, but they can also frustrate us with their disorganization. How does improving our understanding of I-styles help us to work better with them?

Diana: Your D-style co-worker

We all know or work with a D-style person. They view their job as a competition; to be the best. Improving our understanding of D-styles can help us work better with them.

Identifying the DISC Styles of Others

One of the strengths of the DISC model is it provides you with the ability to identify the DISC styles of others. If you are able to recognize others as a D I S, or C style, then you now have more information in which to better interact with them.

$24 Million Question: Are Your Assessment Tools GDPR Compliant?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) began enforcement on May 25, 2018. Is your organization prepared? Has your inbox been flooded with updated privacy policies from your Internet accounts like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn? The massive new regulation directly affects all European Union (EU)* citizens, regardless of where they are living. The GDPR […]

Identify and Presenting DISC Profiles

At Extended DISC we often are asked about how to identify and explain profiles. Specifically, a person’s hardwired behavioral style, their perceived need to adjust behavior; and also, what happens when DISC profiles are invalid and cannot be generated?

Time Management and Extended DISC

Everyone wants to manage their time better. DISC helps increase our self-awareness by showing how we prefer to get things done. Once we are more aware of how we tend to do things, we can focus on making adjustments to be more productive.

Stress Management Using DISC

How can you use DISC to manage your stress, and also help your employee’s manage stress? Managers can use DISC as a tool to identify when employees are feeling stressed; although, keep in mind, not all people exhibit stress the same way. In addition, there are also different stressors for different DISC Styles. What may be […]

4 Steps to Using Extended DISC Effectively

The goal of using the Extended DISC’s 4 Step Process is effective behavioral modification. Your success in life – both professional and personal – is determined in a very large part by how well you interact with other people. Your ability to effectively relate, communicate, influence and motivate others is a crucial skill in creating successful relationships […]

Successful Onboarding Using Extended DISC

The onboarding process is often a missed opportunity for helping new hires succeed within organizations Getting new employees off to a great start is critical to their long-term success. However, each employee is unique with their different preferences. Onboarding can be challenging for many managers. Managers tend to focus more on recruiting and hiring the […]

How to Promote and Sell Extended DISC®

Learn ways to promote and sell Extended DISC® assessments to your clients and organization. You know the strength of DISC in improving communication. You may also know how to deliver DISC, but how do you promote and sell Extended DISC® tools? Are you working for a training company or are you an independent consultant looking […]

How DISC Helps Your Goal Setting Success

The beginning of the new year motivates us to set new goals and it may also help us feel better about shortcomings of the previous year. So how can DISC help in goal setting? DISC impacts everything we do; how we react to pressure, how we socialize, how we react when the fire alarm goes […]

What Makes Extended DISC Different from DISC?

Chances are you’ve been asked, “What makes Extended DISC different from other DISC tools?” They are not all the same. The distinction between the assessments is critical to getting the right information to actually improve communication skills.

DISC Assessments: Why Imagine Ourselves at Work?

Why do you need to imagine yourself at work when answering the DISC questions? I’m sure you’ll recognize the most obvious reason; DISC assessments are most often workplace based. However, does taking DISC Assessments while focused on your workplace directly impact your results? For example, what if I’m a college student taking the DISC assessment? […]

DISC Profiles: Food for Thought!

Recently, I traveled to Singapore to conduct a two-day DISC certification. I love doing DISC trainings and talking about DISC profiles, but add travel and food to the agenda and I’m in total heaven! You’re wondering…”how do DISC profiles and eating in Singapore relate?” Bear with me. I’m always looking for the best places to […]

DISC Communication Beyond Face-to-Face

People may assume DISC only applies to face-to-face interactions. However, that would exclude using DISC in written communications and phone interactions. Luckily, it’s not true! DISC communication goes beyond face-to-face interaction. Mastering DISC communication starts with a few basic steps. The key to DISC self-awareness and identifying DISC styles of others is to practice. Once […]

Finding DISC Test Resistance? Get Everyone Onboard

Use of the DISC test in your workplace can lead to better understanding and interactions within your team. However, you may encounter resistance and misunderstanding during the process. Just hearing the term “test” in the DISC test can create anxiety and resistance in different people. Your team is made up of a diverse group of […]

Does DISC Apply Across Cultures?

As a DISC trainer, I’ve been asked if DISC applies across different cultures. If so, how does it correlate to culture? There is a link between DISC and cultures, but it may not be as clear as we think. Does where you live or your cultural background influence your DISC profile? Are the behaviors that […]

Your Remote Team and DISC Assessments

Allowing the right team members to work remotely from home has some well documented benefits. In fact, using a remote team can lead to lower overall costs and increased productivity. A manager needs to choose the best remote team members for the required work and support them properly. What makes someone an ideal candidate for […]

DISC Trainer Meets Lyft Driver: DISC Training 24/7

My job is being a DISC trainer, but sometimes I’m happy to be reminded how powerful DISC is to my own daily interactions. One of the perks of being a DISC trainer is getting to meet new people. Sometimes, I even get to travel and meet new people. Here, I was on the road in […]

5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Losing employees is expensive, but it also causes disruption and can lower morale for your remaining employees. The more you do to improve your workplace morale and keep your team positive and satisfied, the less likely you are to experience a lot of turnover or churn from your best talent. How DISC Helps Boost Morale […]

Identifying DISC Styles of Others

One of the strengths of the DISC Model is identifying DISC styles of others. Learn 3 simple steps to improve your observation skills. You will need to practice identifying DISC styles of others, but it’s a skill that is easy to learn. In doing so, you can adjust your style appropriately to improve your interactions. […]

DISC Coaching Session: Client Pushback

Have you ever watched your clients reviewing their results during a DISC coaching session? You’ll likely see them nodding their heads, as if in agreement with results. Suddenly, they stop reading. As coaches and managers, you may encounter clients who disagree with a certain section of their DISC reports. What’s the best way to manage […]

Behavioral Action Plan: Coaching Your Client to Success

What’s the next step now that you’ve reviewed your client’s DISC report or Sales Competence Assessment? Start on a Behavioral Action Plan to take your client to the next level of success. The goal of the Behavioral Action Plan is to identify and list key behaviors your client can modify to achieve their goals. It […]

The High Cost of Employee Turnover

While turnover is another part of managing workers, there is stress, and a cost in time and money. You’ve gotten the cake, had the farewell party and are looking for a replacement. Now, it’s time to find a replacement.  Have you stopped to think about the true cost of your team’s turnover? Replacing quality talent […]

New Sales Assessments: Road Map to Success

We are introducing two new sales assessments. Don’t wait! Be among the first to preview our Sales Competence Assessment and our FinxS® Sales 18 Assessment. Most sales managers are unhappy with the performance of their sales team. Many sales professionals are frustrated because they’re unclear about how to become more successful. What if you could […]

DISC Styles Under Pressure: Escape Room Challenge

Have you ever tried an Escape Room challenge? They are adventure strategy games with time limits, where escaping wins the game. If you’ve ever tried it, you’ll see DISC styles under pressure! What better setting to show DISC styles under pressure than to be locked in a room with family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers? […]

Using DISC to Help Students Succeed

Most people think of the DISC model and the different DISC styles purely as a business tool. However, students can also find value in using DISC assessments. Students need to learn skills to better communicate and interact with each other. It is essential for them to succeed in school, the working world, and beyond. DISC assessments can […]

Selling Knives? Consider My DISC Buying Style First

Have you ever considered how people make decisions on when and if they will buy something? How can knowing someone’s DISC buying style help you close a deal? We all have preferred ways of doing things. Specifically, people have preferred ways of making decisions when it comes to buying something. Knowing someone’s DISC buying style […]

DISC Blind Spots: What Do You Mean I’m Insensitive?

Were you ever surprised to hear yourself called “insensitive” because that’s not how you would’ve described yourself? At times, you may feel a disconnect between how you view yourself versus how others view you. Blind spots may stem from this gap in self-awareness. How you view your behaviors is not always how others view them. […]

Sales: Gaining Competitive Advantages Using DISC

Sales, as a profession, can be very rewarding. But, it can also be stressful and it’s not the right career choice for everyone. With that in mind, using DISC is an essential way to tell if sales is the right career path for you. Anyone can succeed in a sales career with proper training. However, […]

The DISC Profiles Interviewing You for a Job

Being interviewed for a job is stressful. It is even more stressful when you go into a job interview without a clue as to who is interviewing you. Learning about the four DISC profiles before your job interview can help ease stress before the process. Job interviews. We all dread them. It is never fun […]

Why DISC Works in Today’s Pop Culture World

Do we really know ourselves, despite being in a time of heightened self-awareness? Can DISC assessments work in a pop culture world? We live in an era where advertisers target each of us as individuals. We have even come to expect information to be personalized and quick. Everyone expects solutions in real time. We want […]

Employee Feedback Using DISC Assessments

When it comes to helping employees understand where their strengths and weaknesses are, receiving employee feedback from their managers is crucial. DISC assessments can help facilitate the process. Employee feedback can provide those workers with a lot of useful information about what they should continue doing going forward. It can also help employees focus on any […]

Using DISC Profiles at the Organizational Level

How can CEOs and leadership use the DISC assessment tool to better manage their employees? ‘Using DISC profiles at the Organizational Level’ webinar is part 3 of our Using Team DISC Assessments series. In part one of the series, we discussed how Team DISC Assessments can provide supportive information for teams to achieve success. The idea is […]

DISC Assessment Results: How You Act Under Pressure

When under pressure, your natural DISC style shines through your behaviors. You can use your DISC Assessment results to adapt your style to best suit pressure settings. A person’s DISC style is likely to show up when you are under pressure. Some may lose track of details. Some can snap at their peers when feeling […]

Choosing a Perfect DISC Style Vacation

Most of us think DISC personality tests are all about work. We are more than likely to take the DISC Assessment in our work role, but how about using it to plan a DISC style vacation? So, knowing what DISC is and how the various DISC personality types work is vital, but it can do more. Have you ever […]

Extended DISC Supports Focus Forward Fellowship

Recently, Extended DISC mentors participated in the Focus Forward Fellowship Program at Colorado State University. The program provides military-connected women with an opportunity to build skills and become better leaders. Student Fellows go through an intensive program that focuses on finding peer support and developing new skills. In addition, these female veterans and military-connected women […]

Customizing Your License Plate to Your DISC Style

If you were to create a license plate that reflected your DISC style, what would it say? When I was young I remember vividly telling my family, during a long car ride, what I wanted to drive when I grew up. I told them I wanted a black Jaguar. I also told them I wanted my […]

Team DISC Assessments at the Organizational Level Webinar: July 6th

In the 3rd installment of our Using Team Assessments webinar series learn how CEOs, leadership, owners, and organizations can use the DISC team tool to effectively manage their employees. Join us for Using Team DISC Assessments at the Organizational Level Webinar next Thursday, July 6th. Using Team DISC Assessments at the Organizational Level Webinar Date […]

The DISC Assessment Tool: What Can it Do for You?

The DISC Assessment Tool looks at your natural behavioral style in a variety of formats. How you use your DISC profile results is up to you. Understanding who you are, what you can do, and what you have to offer is important, but there is more to the equation than that. You also need to know […]

Manager’s Playbook: Using DISC Assessments

Every coach of a sports team has a playbook designed to guide his/her players to success. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a Manager’s Playbook for leading your team? The team DISC Assessment is a widely used DISC tool. As the name implies, we often use it for working with teams. However, we are […]

Your Father’s DISC Personality Type

There isn’t a better way to say ‘I love you, Dad,’ than by giving him an Extended DISC assessment so that he can learn his DISC personality type! Your father will gain a better understanding of himself, and even learn how to adjust his behavior with others! Okay, so the beginning of this blog may have […]

Insperity Blog: Self-Awareness and Understanding Others

The key for successful interactions, relationships and more is to enhance your self-awareness. The next step is to understand other individuals natural behaviors. Extended DISC client, Insperity, shared a blog ‘4 mistakes managers make that can destroy trust‘. The blog stresses the importance of self-awareness. Being aware of what you are doing in a situation […]

The Millennial Generation: A Popular Topic

As more and more of the millennial generation is enter the workforce, more and more articles about them are emerging too! Earlier this year, we shared a discussion in our webinar about the millennial generation. However, we are not the only outlet discussing millennials. USA Today recently shared an article ‘Why You Should Consider Hiring […]

William Moulton Marston and the DISC Model

William Moulton Marston was famous for several accomplishments, including the creation of the DISC Model! Popular Instagram account, ‘UberFacts‘ shared an interesting fact on the DISC Model creator, William Moulton Marston. While William was popular for creating the DISC Model, he was also famous for creating the globally-recognized comic book character, ‘Wonder Woman’!

Marshall Goldsmith: Behavioral Change in the Age of Social Media

Marshall Goldsmith explains one of the most devastating causes of career lag, and how to fix it. Visit the blog and video ‘Behavioral Change in the Age of Social Media‘ by Marshall Goldsmith. You will learn just how the digital age has changed human behavior, and how you can avoid the ‘career killer’. Adjusting your […]

Team DISC Assessments Webinar: Managers: June 15th

In the 2nd installment of our Using Team Assessments series, Team DISC Assessments Webinar: Managers, learn how managers can use the tool to more effectively manage and develop their teams. The Team DISC Assessment is a very popular tool. It shows a team’s dynamics, strengths and development areas and it can be highly effective in team […]

DISC Leadership Style

With the Extended DISC Leadership Assessment, understanding your DISC leadership style has become a whole lot easier! Read ‘How Leaders Can Push Employees Without Stressing Them Out‘ from Harvard Business Review. Extended DISC offers Leadership Assessments that give insight on how you motivate your employees. We also offer reports that inform you on what motivates […]

Using Team DISC Assessments: Team Application

Team DISC Assessments are highly useful tools in helping identify a team’s preferred way of doing things, natural strengths, and areas of development. In addition, team DISC reports can provide supporting information on how teams can work more effectively. We rely on teamwork to get things done, but not all teams function smoothly. Teams need tools that […]

D-Styles Know How to Handle Chaos

DISC styles handle chaos differently. For some DISC styles, the ability to handle chaos may take more effort. One of the fundamental characteristics of individuals that grow successful businesses is the ability to handle chaos. Read the article ‘To Successfully Grow A Business, You Must ‘Expect Chaos’  from the Entrepreneur. D-Styles are most comfortable with […]

Practicing One DISC Communication Exercise at a Time

Now that you’ve learned about the DISC profiles, also known as DISC personality types, you’ll want to start to build it into your daily interactions. Practice one simple and practical DISC communication exercise often to help you improve and succeed with other people. Some of us may be thinking of a dog exercising with his frisbee disc when talking about […]

DISC Yearbook Quotes: What Would Your DISC Style Write?

Remember how exciting it was to receive your yearbook at the end of the school year? Did your school hold the tradition of writing friends a farewell in your yearbook? If you did, try to remember what you used to write to your friends. Did it reflect your DISC style? Whether it was a signature […]

Successful DISC Training…What’s Next?

Your participants take the DISC profile assessment, complete a successful DISC training, and are now motivated to use their DISC knowledge. However, “the real world” can derail that from happening. What do you do now that you’ve delivered a successful DISC training on communication, leadership, customer service, or team building, etc.? Your clients are going back to their workplaces, and of course, get slammed […]

Extended DISC Original Money Jar Winner!

The Extended DISC Original Money Jar Winner from the Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues is…. Shannon Spates of Merchants’ Choice Payment Solutions! Shannon guessed the correct amount of $636 in the money jar! Thank you to everyone who visited Extended DISC assessments at the Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues last week!. Click here […]

Overcoming Misconceptions about DISC Styles

We have differing views of DISC personality types based on our own perceptions. Hence, we may also have misconceptions about DISC personality types. When we talk to other people about DISC styles we notice that people have differing views of others. They are different for various reasons. These views are sometimes inaccurate, but can grow into lasting biases and misconceptions about DISC […]

Using Team DISC Assessments Webinar: May 31st

Join our Using Team DISC Assessments Webinar to learn why team reports are an effective and popular tool. In the Using Team DISC Assessments Webinar we will cover hows team dynamics, team strengths, and team development areas. The Team DISC report also shows how team members are adjusting their styles in the current work environment in order […]

KISS My DISC: Simple DISC Approach Works Best

You have most likely heard of the KISS model (Keep it Simple Stupid). While we are definitely NOT stupid, keeping it simple in the things that we do can help decrease misunderstanding and mistakes. A simple DISC approach can also increase learning and motivation.

Get DISC Certified with Extended DISC: Upcoming Opportunities

Get DISC certified at one of our Public Certification sessions! Extended DISC holds sessions in Houston, Singapore, and London. The Extended DISC Public Certification is a complete, two-day program. This program is designed for trainers, consultants, executive coaches, managers, or anyone who wants to become DISC certified! Our senior trainers provide expert facilitation. In addition, […]

Preferred DISC Communication Styles

Have you ever thought about how the 4 DISC types prefer to interact with you? If you can identify peoples’ preferred DISC communication styles then you have an effective tool to better interact with them. The 4 DISC types have preferred DISC communication styles. They have preferred ways in which they are more comfortable when interacting with others. Some DISC profiles share […]

DISC Personalities Make Different Buying Decisions

Recognizing that DISC personality types make different buying decisions is necessary in order to move the sales process forward with our prospects. How DISC personality types make different buying decisions is critical, but so is knowing how our own DISC personality style plays into the sales interaction. We are focusing on buying decisions as one […]

Get DISC Certified in Singapore with Extended DISC!

Get DISC Certified in Singapore at the Extended DISC Public Certification Session May 6 & 7, 2020! What does it mean to be DISC Certified? Want to enhance your knowledge on everything you need to know about DISC? Then get DISC certified with Extended DISC! Our DISC Certification benefits anyone who wants to understand DISC profiles and […]

What Questions DISC Profiles Ask

We are successful because we ask all kinds of questions. However, there are certain questions DISC profiles tend to ask. A simple yet effective way to identify a person’s DISC profile is to observe their behaviors. Think about the words they use or the body language when you are interacting with them. Also, consider the […]

DISC Overview: DISC Assessments Explained

You’ve probably heard of DISC tests, DISC assessments or DISC profiles but are they all the same? What is the purpose of DISC and DISC tools? DISC Assessments are behavioral assessment tools. Simply put, they measure how a person naturally prefers to do things and interact with others. DISC has had a long history of development and research […]

Webinar: How Do DISC Profiles Make Buying Decisions? April 19th

DISC profiles can be a valuable tool in furthering the sales process. If you understand how DISC Profiles make buying decisions, then you have gained a competitive edge. Webinar Overview How Do DISC Profiles Make Buying Decisions? Wednesday, April 19, 2017 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Sign up even if […]

DISC Profiles in Selling: Understanding DISC can close a deal

Can you identify your prospect’s preferred communication style? How does using DISC Profiles in selling make you more successful? Sales professionals are well-trained in techniques such as prospecting and closing a deal. Regardless of how successful you already are, you can continue to develop skills that improve your sales interactions. One way is by focusing on DISC profiles […]

Webinar: Can DISC Profiles Help You Sell Better? 03/29/2017

Sales people want to engage prospects and close deals.  Join our 30-minute webinar to learn how DISC profiles help you sell better. Webinar Overview DISC profiles can help us better understand our preferred ways to interact, but they do so much more. Markku Kauppinen, CEO of Extended DISC North America, and Christina Bowser, Senior DISC […]

Are Millennials Really That Different?

Are Millennials really that different? How does knowing DISC tests and DISC profiles help in understanding them better? The Millennial generation is a hot trending topic. Currently, they are the largest group in our workforce according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Yet, companies are still challenged with recruiting and retaining them. We point them out as being different […]

Understanding DISC Profiles Differently

Understanding DISC profiles can be challenging without DISC training. However, we can present different ways to explain them to make sure our clients have a clear understanding of their DISC profiles. Understanding DISC profiles gives us information about our natural behavioral style. First and foremost, we need to recognize that we have all four DISC […]

Stressed, Anxious and Unproductive – Not Just Millennials

Millennials are constantly labeled as unproductive, stressed out and anxious. Why single out millennial’s for having the same common qualities as everyone else? I am a stressed out, unproductive and anxious millennial First, I want to start this all off by introducing myself. Hi, I’m Halle, and I am the Client Loyalty and Marketing Manager […]

WEBINAR: Are Millennials Really Different? Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Why are millennials described as entitled and unmotivated? Are millennials really that different from the rest of us? Next Extended DISC Webinar Are Millennials Really Different? Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CST Overview Millennials are currently the largest group in our workforce and different from the workforce of the past. Traditionally, […]

Personal Bias on What It Means to Be Successful

No one DISC style determines how successful an individual will be. Our personal bias, however, affects how we perceive the world and what we believe creates success…including what DISC Styles create success. A couple of years ago I received a call from a consultant who was using the Extended DISC assessment tool with one of […]

Leaders can get so Stuck on Suck-Ups…but why?

Nobody likes a suck-up. So why do leaders surround themselves with them? This blog was adapted from an Extended DISC® newsletter featuring Marshall Goldsmith in February of 2006. I have reviewed more than 100 custom-designed leadership profiles for major corporations. These documents typically feature boilerplate language that describes the leadership behaviors companies desire. Such chestnuts […]

Jan 11th Webinar: What is DISC?

What is DISC? Overview of DISC for your workshops Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM CDT. Join Extended DISC senior trainers, Wilma Stephens and Christina Bowser as they present a one hour DISC overview. Incorporate this DISC overview into your New Employee orientation, team workshops, leadership training, and communication workshops using the […]

Olympic Athletes Win Gold in Communicating

Olympic athletes remind us that communicating and understanding one another does not always require a common spoken language. Utilizing tools like DISC and making a concerted effort to use different methods of communication will make our interactions richer and more fulfilling for both parties.

A Simple Way to Understand your DISC Style

Introducing the DISC Style Charts While we will continue to offer the Extended DISC Profiles and Diamond, we are happy to introduce a simple and new illustration of an individual’s styles: The DISC Style Charts. Above: Our new and simple way to display “Adjusted” and “Natural” styles to assessment respondents. What drove Extended DISC to […]

Free Webinar: Leading Millennials – What Every Manager Needs to Know

Markku Kauppinen, President and CEO of Extended DISC NA, Inc. and Christina Bowser, Senior Trainer, will share 4 strategies for success for Managers who work with Millennials. On Wednesday, July 13, 2016 from 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM CDT Please register for this Webinar at: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/2073770564551838723 After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing […]

Mastering DISC Styles Like Never Before

Have you ever of thought of cars in terms of DISC styles? Imagine the commanding Mercedes S600 sedan, with its powerful image of strength, control and authority. How about the charming and amusing Fiat Spider convertible that sends fun and exciting messages of spontaneous open air drives with loved ones and friends? Consider the reliable […]

DISC Neutrality and Perceptions

Have you ever been called “strong-willed, impulsive, amiable, or logical?”   It is understanding that gives us an ability to have peace.  When we understand the other fellow’s viewpoint, and he understands ours, then we can sit down and work out our differences. Harry S. Truman Descriptor words are essentially neutral words, but we begin inserting […]

DISC-styles and “No”, “But” and “However”

No matter what our DISC-style is, we have an instinctive tendency to want to prove people are wrong and that we are right.   How we do this depends on our DISC-Profile.  D-styles are likely to be direct and will challenge the other person.  I-styles may tell one of their stories to illustrate they are […]

Identify: Focus on Least Comfortable DISC-style

Once you are familiar with the DISC-styles, you will find some people are easier to identify. You will quickly think to yourself, “she is a D-style” or “he is an S-style.” Individuals with one predominant style are fairly easy to identify. However, many individuals have a DISC-profile that has three DISC-styles above the so-called middle […]

Different Communication Styles Can Be Frustrating

Have you ever been in a conversation that is headed nowhere fast? Where everyone is increasingly frustrated as both sides keep talking? We all have. Interactions in a team or group is often diverse, involves different communication styles, and can take effort. You don’t always understand where 
your team members are coming from, what are they […]

Using DISC to make important decisions

Some of you may remember a television game show called “The Dating Game” where contestants hoped to meet the person of their dreams. Only catch was they had to make decisions about which person to choose for their date even before seeing the person. Each contestant had a set of questions he/she wanted to ask to help […]

Understanding, Motivating and Leading Millennials

How can we better understand, motivate, manage, and lead the Millennials? It’s now official: I am getting old. The moment happened when I was part of a conversation involving how entitled the Millennials are. Millennials or Generation Y, are the demographic group following Generation X, range in age from teen to early 30s. Apparently, they […]

Chairlift Management

Skiing was a big part of my childhood. I have great memories of spending time on the slopes with my family. While skiing is typically viewed as an individual sport, it is also happens to be a great family activity. Not only do you often ski together, but you also have time for uninterrupted conversations […]

Peer Pressure Doesn’t End in High School

In high school did you socialize with the smart kids, the athletes, the band, the artsy ones, or the quiet ones who flew under the radar? At the time, it seemed so important to fit into a group, small or large. The peer pressure to “fit in” and have a social identity was strong and […]

Becoming an effective communicator

The blank stare said it all. She had no idea what I was talking about or simply did not care. I cannot remember which alternative was more exasperating. It did not really matter because I was just plain frustrated. How could my point not have gotten across? The year was 1993 and I was a […]

Recruiting to Your Weakness

Recently I worked with a consulting firm that utilizes the information we provide to help their clients with strategy implementation. This particular client company had a common problem that we often see in countless and varied organizations. There are no companies that seem to be immune to it. Managers are cloning themselves. They were hiring people […]

Don’t Take Your Strengths for Granted

After talking on the phone with Debbie for a few minutes, I was certain she had to be a very analytical “C-style” individual. Her deliberate, steady pace of speech and her highly detailed questions were clear giveaways. This was my first conversation with Debbie. She is a corporate trainer at one of our client companies. […]

The Elusive S-style

Jessica was a new co-worker and I was a newly certified DISC trainer, eager to practice my own DISC styles recognition skills. Over the next few weeks I found her to be friendly, easy to talk to, and interested in interacting with me. This seemed like a co-worker I wanted to be part of my […]

Asking the Active Questions to Modify Your DISC-Style

I’m often asked to advise people on how best to modify their DISC-style. My response depends on many factors, but it must always include their DISC profile.   For example, creating a “Top 3” list of what behaviors to start and stop doing, based on one’s natural DISC-style, is often a great place to start. It […]

Understanding Context is Critical When Applying DISC

Recently I was talking with my client, Jack, who had questions about the D-styles. He asked me if there were any softer descriptors for them than words such as “direct,” “independent” and “fast-paced.” Apparently, a few of the D-style attendees in Jack’s training sessions expressed concern that others may perceive these descriptors negatively within the […]

Why DISC should not be called DISC test

One of the greatest things about the DISC model is that it is completely nonjudgmental. It does not differentiate between the DISC profiles as being better or worse. The DISC styles are just different. The descriptors used to identify the different DISC styles are simply words. For example, D-styles are described as “independent”, I-styles as “talkative”, […]

How is Extended DISC different from DISC?

Many people find it surprising that no one owns “DISC”.   It is a theory that was originally developed in 1928 by William Moulton Marston.  The DISC-model is in public domain and there are a few companies that have created their proprietary DISC assessments. This blog covers these main points: “Work role” vs. “hard-wired” DISC-style […]

The Question Every Manager Needs to Ask

  Learning the DISC model is fun, insightful and interesting.  Everyone wants to understand why others are different. Who doesn’t like to read about the most important person in the world? It’s me!  It’s no wonder DISC is so popular. However, making DISC-styles part of your organization’s culture – and not just an entertaining training […]

Identifying Potential Communication Conflicts

Understanding how each DISC style likes to give and receive information helps us communicate more effectively. By laying the filter of Transactional Analysis over DISC we can identify potential communication conflicts and better manage our expectations for an interaction with a friend, partner, colleague or employee. The theory of transactional analysis, first put forward by […]

Delivering Exceptional Customer Service

Adjusting behavior to deliver outstanding customer service Recently I was talking with a good friend of mine. I shared my experience at a local car dealership and raved about the excellent service I had received. Everything was exceptional. “From the first contact with Mike, the service advisor, to make an appointment to picking up my […]

A Fishing Story

In the early 90’s I was a branch manager at a bank in New Orleans. Back then one of my favorite colleagues was Dave. He could make everyone laugh. A few people did not appreciate Dave’s humor as it could be rather crude at times, but his delivery made up for his occasional lack of […]

“Under Pressure: Are You Being Yourself Too Much?”

Lately almost everyone I talk to tells me they are busier now than ever before. The changes in the world economy are forcing everyone to find ways to be more productive and efficient. The improved communication technology is making almost everyone instantly and constantly accessible. The line between work and personal time is very blurred […]

How to use the Focus of your Team’s DISC Styles

A recurring source of frustration in the leaders with which I work is changing the behavior of their team members. One of the reasons behavior change isn’t communicated effectively is leaders fail to consider the focus of each team member. Ds and Is tend to be future focused. That is they are looking up at […]

Ghost Story

A Ghost Story When two people meet for the first time, we ask, “How are you?” Do we really want to know? It’s not that we are un-empathetic to the plight of others. But when we meet someone we are simply trying to build a working communication structure.  We are hard wired to do so […]

DISC: More than Meets the Eye

Ask 100 salespeople, and the odds are good that at least 80 of them will insist that they “know all about” the DISC behavior assessment tool. D-style people are decisive, tough, and impatient. I-style people are sociable, talkative, and open. S-style people are calm, steady, and laid back. C-style people are precise, exact, and analytical. […]

“Don’t Just Match The Style – Motivate the Style”

The main purpose for using Extended DISC® assessments is to develop awareness and clear understanding of HOW to modify one’s behavior. Instead of repeating the same routine behaviors (i.e. how we communicate, motivate, influence others) with “hit-or-miss” results, we should aim to make conscious decisions about how to adjust our actions.  We do this by […]