July 2017

Using DISC Profiles at the Organizational Level

DISC Profiles at the Organizational Level Leadership Comic

How can CEOs and leadership use the DISC assessment tool to better manage their employees? Using DISC profiles at the Organizational Level webinar is part 3 of our Using Team DISC Assessments series. We discussed how Team DISC Assessments can provide supportive information for teams to achieve success in part one. The idea is to help people become more effective team members and develop a successful team. In part two, Manager's Playbook, we focused on how managers could use team DISC assessments to better lead and develop their teams. Now we focus on how we manage and use DISC Profiles at the organizational level.


June 2017

Using Team DISC Assessments: Team Application

Team DISC Assessments Cover

We rely on teamwork to get things done. Team DISC assessments are a highly useful tool to identify the team's preferred way of doing things, natural strengths, and areas of development. In addition, the DISC report can provide supporting information on how the team can work more effectively.


May 2017

Overcoming Misconceptions about DISC Styles

We have differing views of DISC personality types based on our own perceptions. Hence, we may also have misconceptions about DISC personality types. When we talk to other people about DISC styles we notice that people have differing views of others. They are different for various reasons. These beliefs are sometimes even inaccurate, but we can grow these beliefs into biases and misconceptions about DISC styles. As human beings, we make judgments on other people. We hold pre-conceived views because it allows us to make decisions about others. However, they can also cloud our judgment.


April 2017

DISC Personalities Make Different Buying Decisions

DISC Personality Types Make Different Buying Decisions

Recognizing that DISC personality types make different buying decisions is necessary in order to move the sales process forward with our prospects. How DISC personality types make different buying decisions is critical, but so is knowing how our own DISC personality style plays into the sales interaction. We are focusing on buying decisions as one part of an overall strategy to improve our style adjustments to close the deal.


March 2017

DISC Profiles in Selling: Understanding DISC can close a deal

A successful sales professional selling using DISC profiles

Can you identify your prospect's or client's preferred communication style? How does using DISC Profiles in selling make you more successful? Sales professionals are well trained in techniques such as generating prospects and closing a deal. Regardless of how successful you already are, you can continue to develop skills that improve your sales interactions. One way is by focusing on DISC profiles in selling.


March 2017

Are Millennials Really That Different?

Are Millennials really that different on how they use technology and adopt social norms?

Are millennials really that different? They have been labeled as "entitled, unmotivated and unproductive". Does taking the DISC test or understanding their DISC personality types help with misconceptions. Can we use DISC to improve our interactions with millennials?


February 2017

Effective Communication in 4 Steps

4 steps to effective communication overview

Our webinar provides you with an overview of the 4 Steps to Effective Communication and why it's so effective in your DISC practice. Combining these 4 steps with DISC tools will enhance your ability to deliver DISC to your clients and employees.


December 2016

Interpreting DISC Profiles Webinar

Unless you already know all there is to know, listen to our Interpreting DISC profiles webinar. There’s always something new to learn!