Extended DISC® Individual Assessment for Banking and Financial Services

Overview: Service excellence, competent business development, and exceptional leadership separate the top Financial Services organizations from the rest.

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Description: Extended DISC® offers assessments tailored specifically for the unique needs of banks, credit unions and financial services providers. Customized reports ensure the participants receive specific information that is very relevant to their job roles, challenges, and goals to help employees become more successful and their organizations more competitive. A few examples of tailored reports are listed here:

  • Branch Manager Assessment
  • Personal Banker Assessment
  • Teller Assessment
  • Member Relationship Officer Assessment
  • Member Relationship Representative Assessment
  • Financial Advisor Assessment
  • Business Development Assessment
  • Manager Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment

Recommended for: anyone working in the financial services industry.

Support tools: At Extended DISC we offer our clients extensive support. Some of the most popular support materials with these assessments are:

I began using Extended DISC as the Director of Human Resources, and saw very quickly how such a simple assessment could yield such amazing results. I was fortunate to use these assessments as an HR Professor and have been able to show my students how valuable Extended DISC styles are, as well as the role that they play when considering team dynamics. I have used numerous assessments in my HR experience, and Extended DISC ranks amongst the most useful and effective!

-Kelly Scheib
Vice President of Human Resources
Tindall Corporation

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