Who Uses DISC?

DISC assessments are the most researched and validated behavioral assessments available, which is why they’re used across a variety of industries.

Extended DISC® works with hundreds of training, consulting, and coaching companies to provide assessments and support materials for their clients. These companies are known as our Authorized Affiliates and range from one-person practitioners to some of the largest training organizations in the world!

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Extended DISC®, utilizing their robust tool set and superior customer service. In this age of assessments, we appreciate the importance of having an effective strategic partner as we integrate, interpret and communicate the assessment process to our customer base. We explored many options, but chose Extended DISC® – certainly one of the best decisions that we have made. Our field of 600 trainers will confirm that Extended DISC® customer service is far superior to any other outside relationship that we have experienced. We’re proud to be part of Extended DISC®.”

-David Mattson, CEO of Sandler Training, Inc.

Business Organizations

From small organizations to companies housing over 100,000 employees- Extended DISC® provides business organizations with the tools they need to use our assessments and support materials.

Educational Institutions

Extended DISC® provides special pricing on assessments for educational institutions, including our Unlimited Extended DISC® Educational Institution license. Institutions can use assessments on students, (High school, Undergraduate, and Graduate) faculty, and staff.

“Extended DISC® has become an essential component of our leadership development toolkit at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University! Students have found insights gleaned from their use of the tool to be immediately applicable in their work with study teams and clubs. Additionally, our staff has found the unlimited student license to be of real value. It allows us to offer the Extended DISC® assessment to a wide audience of students. Finally, the Extended DISC® facilitator training was not only useful in equipping us to better utilize the tool, it was also a fantastic professional development opportunity for the staff that are now certified facilitators. The facilitator training and customer service we have received from Extended DISC® are top notch!”

-Jennifer Bennett, Director of Personal and Professional Leadership Development at the Krannert School of Management of Purdue University

Government Agencies

Extended DISC® Assessments are widely used by government agencies such as The FAA, CDC, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and The Department of Homeland Security.  We work with a wide array of state and local agencies such as cities, workforce development agencies, and various state departments. Extended DISC offers special pricing for government agencies- including Unlimited Extended DISC® Licenses.

Non-Profit Organizations

Extended DISC® Assessments are used by a variety of types of non-profit organizations such as associations, educational institutions, churches, workforce development agencies, and community outreach programs. We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations, including Unlimited Extended DISC® Licenses.