Who Uses DISC?

Internationally validated Extended DISC® assessments are tailored to our clients’ needs and preferences.

Extended DISC® works with tens of thousands of organizations around the world.   If you are using DISC assessments now or are considering them for the future, you owe it yourself and your organization to learn more about Extended DISC®.

Business Organizations

From small organizations to the largest companies in the world, Extended DISC® assessments help organizations to become more successful and profitable.  Our clients choose Extended DISC® because of the tailored assessment, flexible pricing options, acclaimed support materials, and the best customer support in the industry.

It is further validation that we are not only working with a best-in-class organization for DISC, but one that models a service mindset and seizes every opportunity to serve. It is a testament to the talent and leadership that exists within Extended DISC, and we are grateful for the work you do.

Paul Lapreziosa – Director, Barry-Wehmiller University

Educational Institutions

We work closely with universities, community colleges and high schools.  We offer special pricing to educational institutions, including our popular Unlimited Educational Institution License.

Extended DISC® has become an essential component of our leadership development toolkit at the Krannert School of Management, Purdue University! Students have found insights gleaned from their use of the tool to be immediately applicable in their work with study teams and clubs. Additionally, our staff has found the unlimited student license to be of real value. It allows us to offer the Extended DISC® assessment to a wide audience of students. Finally, the Extended DISC® facilitator training was not only useful in equipping us to better utilize the tool, it was also a fantastic professional development opportunity for the staff that are now certified facilitators. The facilitator training and customer service we have received from Extended DISC® are top notch!

Jennifer Bennett – Director of Personal and Professional Leadership Development at the Krannert School of Management of Purdue University

Government Agencies

Extended DISC® assessments are widely used by federal, state and local government agencies. We offer special pricing for government agencies including Unlimited Extended DISC® Licenses to accommodate their financial confines.

Non-Profit Organizations

Extended DISC® assessments are used by associations, educational institutions, churches, workforce development agencies, and community outreach programs. We offer special pricing for non-profit organizations, including Unlimited Extended DISC® Licenses.

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