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The Employee Development Challenge

While everyone understands the need for training, many are frustrated by its lack of effectiveness and lasting impact.

One of the main reasons results are disappointing is that employees fail to see the value of training to their personal success. There is no clear, personalized plan to modify behaviors or develop competences.

While the training content may be excellent, it is not individually relevant. As a result, the training programs come and go without achieving lasting improvement and even creating employee skepticism about the next “training fad.” Consider all the training you have witnessed.

In 2019, organizations invested almost $400 billion in employee training.

The Solution

Extended DISC® solves the problem by assessing a clear and accurate starting point for improvement that is unique to each and every employee. It provides specific guidance on how to modify behaviors and succeed. It is practical and easy to learn. 

Most importantly, our clients consistently report it works. Our average client relationship exceeds 9.5 years attesting to excellent results and lasting impact.

Extended DISC® award-winning assessments and support materials are successfully implemented by tens of thousands of organizations. They are used in all types of training programs such as leadership, sales, customer service, communication, team training and more. 

Are you looking for a proven, lasting employee development solution?