Business Development for Professionals (CPAs, Attorneys, Architects, etc.)

Overview: Many professionals are responsible for developing new business. However, most of them do not consider themselves “salespeople.” This assessment was created to help non-selling professionals to develop more business.

Description: Extended DISC® Business Development Assessment is designed to help non-selling professionals to develop more business by providing very pragmatic and easy to use information to modify behaviors. The reports can be tailored to focus on behaviors specific to your needs.  Our clients commonly include sections such as:

  • How to identify potential clients’ preferences
  • How prospects perceive the individual
  • How to communicate, motivate and influence potential clients
  • Reactions to pressure
  • How to improve success
  • What to avoid
  • How to develop successful relationships with clients
  • How to move business relationships forward
  • What not to do with different styles of potential clients

Recommended for: CPAs, Attorneys, Architects, Engineers, Programmers, Realtors, etc.

Support tools: At Extended DISC we offer our clients extensive support. Some of the most popular support materials with this assessment are:

Starter Kit Self Development Guides
Quick Reference Cards Quick Reference Booklets