Why Choose Extended DISC®

An incredibly powerful, real-time Organizational Development tool.

Whereas the basic DISC model might only cover sixteen behavioral DISC styles, our DISC tool recognizes 160 different behavioral DISC styles to ensure more specific identification and complexity of individuals.

Unlike other DISC assessments, Extended DISC® does not force you to select from a few off-the shelf reports. Extended DISC® allows you to customize DISC reports in terms of content, design, and relevancy to the respondent’s role (E.g., Executives, Managers, Salespeople, Customer Service Representatives, Team Members, Students, Athletes, Sales Managers, Financial Advisors, Personal Bankers, Family Members, Healthcare Professionals etc.). We at Extended DISC® can provide you with individual assessments, but we allow you to create Work Pair, Team, Department, Division, and Organizational assessments without the hassle of having to ask employees to complete additional questionnaires! With Extended DISC®, you have access to our Executive dashboard, an incredibly powerful, real-time Organizational Development tool.

The best tools to create personalized DISC assessments.

Our latest DISC tool is the new standard in behavioral and personality assessments. Our new DISC tool gives you the freedom to create, view and modify content, create sub users, order reports, and value added products. We can even create multi-tool reports that combine behavioral assessments with open 360 feedback- even with survey results. Our new DISC tool provides an exciting new platform for coaches, trainers, business consultants, HR specialists, and organizations. Want to keep it simple? Tell us what you need and our consultants will design the best tool for you. The greatest power of our new tool lies in its flexibility. You can brand your report, you can change its format and content into one comprehensive, and targeted report.

Our methods and behavioral analysis tools strengthen DISC assessment results.

Our Team Behavioral Analysis tool combines Individual Behavioral Analysis into one powerful targeted report. Gain new insights into the dynamics between members with concrete data and discuss challenging topics relating directly to job performance and team development.

You will better comprehend what people might be avoiding and where they might by experiencing the greatest areas of stress. Find key strengths and motivators. Many clients use team analysis to improve communication and make informed, applicable changes towards resolving underlying conflict. They also find team analysis as an essential tool in assessing how effective communication is flowing to and from the management level.

Our targeted Team Behavioral Analysis report combines data from individual Behavioral Analysis reports and gives new, informative graphics that help you decipher the dynamics of your team:

  • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of an existing team
  • Look at how communication and performance may be improved between team members
  • Find gaps in team roles so you can target your recruitment search
  • Understand where individual’s might benefit from training or coaching
  • Find potential team leaders


Finally, assessments that provide results for behavioral change – not just analysis reports. Extended DISC® assessments are pragmatic, concise and easy-to-use. They provide a practical model that improves individual, team and organizational performance.

-Dr. Marshall Goldsmith ‘One of the World’s Top Consultants’ HR Magazine


Extended DISC® offers multiple options to get the optimal DISC experience:

Join our expanding group of successful Accredited Consultants worldwide. Our 2-day training course in Extended DISC® gives you the confidence to help people and businesses grow. Learn to unlock the full potential of the Extended DISC® tools and system with training in the Extended DISC® model.

One Price, Multiple Assessment Results

Once a person completes a questionnaire, the results can be provided in any format, at no additional cost, and without having to ask employees to spend their valuable time completing multiple questionnaires.

Unlimited Use License

You do not have to worry about paying for every additional assessment you use. For a fixed fee, the Extended DISC® unlimited use license option allows for an unlimited use of assessments.

DISC Certification

Certification is recommended, but not required. We offer several Certification options, all providing re-certification credit hours toward PHR, SPHR and GPHR.

  1. Virtual Certification- The most popular options. Easy, time efficient, and convenient.
  2. Public Certification- Comprehensive and interactive.
  3. OnSite Certification- Tailored for and your colleagues.