An Introduction to The Extended DISC® Assessments Admin Site Features

The Extended DISC® Assessments platform for data processing has many benefits, but how do you know where to begin or what to utilize?

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Often times, on walkthroughs of the platform, I find that clients are not as aware of all the features and are surprised as what is available. A better understanding of the administrative site can provide you with more resources to bring to the table.

Extended DISC’s Admin Site has many features to take advantage of. They include:

  • Report Display
  • Layout & Customization Options
  • Job Templates
  • FinxS® Playground
  • Individual Report Options
  • Team & Work Pair Reports
  • Ability to Export Data

All features are designed to help you accomplish your goals in debriefing, team-building, and training.

Team and Work Pair Reports

The Team and Work Pair Reports are simple to generate and best of all, don’t require your clients to take any additional questionnaires!

Team Reports can combine all of the Individual Assessment results into one report. It shows the team dynamics, strengths and development areas. In addition, it illustrates how team members are adjusting their behaviors to the work environment. Extended DISC offers a wide variety of Team Reports.

Work Pair Reports combine two of the Individual Assessments results into one report. It shows the pair’s dynamics, strengths and development areas. It illustrates how the pair is adjusting their behaviors in the work environment.

Extended DISC Team Assessment Cover

FinxS® Playground

I often refer to this area as the “a la carte” section of the platform. Instead of having to download an entire report, it allows you to quickly view individual behavioral competences, Job Templates, and/or Graphics without having to print or download a report. Please note, it does still allow you to print off a single page should you require to; hence referring to it as the “a la carte” section.

Extended DISC - FinxS Playground

While in the FinxS® Playground, you can view and print individual behavioral competences, Job Templates, and/or Graphics for multiple individuals.

For example, I’m a visual individual, and often times the percentage break down does not resonate well for people, so I prefer to use the Extended DISC® Pie Chart. It is a quick way to view all team members and have their DISC style in a one-off sheet. Simply check off all the participants you wish to view in the FinxS Playground. Click the Graphics tab, choose DISC Pie and add the members you wish to view!

Job Templates

Not all clients and situations require the same report; Some may need to focus on specific content and a Job Template allows you to accomplish that!

A Job Template is a pre-selected group of behavioral competences. It can be viewed in the FinxS® Playground or added to any report to customize to a specific job role or subject (Ex: waiter, coach, stress, time management, etc.)

Users can hand pick from hundreds upon hundreds of behavioral competences. These competences are displayed on a sliding scale of -5 to 5 (Not natural vs. Natural).

Extended DISC Job Template Sample

Another feature available for each competence is the Expected Value. This is a way of putting your company standard or expectation in place. It highlights the number you wish for that participant to meet and can create a percentage match for the participant to your ideal value.

A question we receive quite often is, “How can I take this data and put it in a file?”

The platform allows the admin user to export information into an Excel® document. The information is limited, but it allows a user to keep track of participants outside of the platform.

Report Display, Layout and Customization

Extended DISC Features of the FinxS Admin Site SlideIf you are not already aware, Extended DISC® Assessments identifies an individual‘s DISC Profile. The results can be tailored to your unique preferences, although many of our clients find the standard reports meet their existing needs. Customization can be as simple as adding your logo, (which can be completed on your own), to changing the entire layout of the report.

The admin site allows users to personalize both the cover and content pages to suit their business, company, and/or client. Fonts, color, text, and theme are all controlled by the user. Logos and your own images can be added to all pages.

Most clients tend to stick with the standard reports recommended by trainers, but should you dive in deeper or look to use a report a little more unique, the platform allows you to alter the page layout, the sections, and content. Simply put, you have the ability to create a report from scratch or add and remove particular sections.

Are you ready to learn more?

In closing, the Extended DISC® Admin Site is a tool that all users should be taking advantage of! It gives users a lot of flexibility and in today’s world flexibility gives you the upper hand in the business world! Stand out from your competition by bringing exactly what your client needs to the table and/or use specific features of the platform to achieve your goal!

Of course, we are more than happy to assist you! If you would like to know more about any of these features, please direct all questions to

Zac Etheridge

Author: Zac Etheridge, Client Loyalty and Marketing Manager