How to Measure Your Sales Competence

Do you know how well your salespeople are doing?

Are your salespeople matching their strengths to their job role? Can they further develop themselves? Where do you start?

What if I told you there is a clear and comprehensive way to know if your salespeople are maximizing their sales performance? Your salespeople take one 20 – 30 minute questionnaire and you can generate targeted feedback based on it.

The Sales Capacity Suite of Assessments

The Sales Capacity Assessment is a suite of tools. One focus area is to measure your salespeople in 18 critical sales areas. These sales competences were selected based on research and direct feedback from sales coaches and clients. The Capacity Assessment tool measures where your salespeople are right now in their present sales mindset in a quantifiable and intuitive way.

So, are you rand your sales team eady? Contact us to try it out!