Identifying D-styles: Active and Task-Focused

How are D-styles similar and different from other DISC styles?

4 DISC Styles

Extended DISC Diamond with 2 axisThe 4 Quadrant DISC Model states that none of the styles are better or worse. They all have strengths and they all have development areas; they just happen to be different.

Your style does not limit what you can accomplish or predict how successful you can be. It simply identifies how you prefer to do things. You have all 4 styles; some are natural and some take energy.

Successful people are represented by all four styles. However, the most successful people have a keen sense of self-awareness. In addition, they modify their style effectively given the different situations and people.

Identifying D-styles


The D-style’s motto might be Frank Sinatra’s famous song, ‘I Did it My Way!

D-styles tend to be the most aggressive and assertive of the four DISC styles. We describe them as competitive and focused on results. D-styles tend to be direct, less emotional, and demanding. Oftentimes they appear impatient because they are task-focused and want to get results quickly.

D-styles want to be in charge. They try to control the interaction so they may come across as brusque and overbearing. They will speak over listen to maintain control and are prone to make quick, independent decisions. Their biggest fear is loss of control. D-styles do not want to give up control.

D-styles prefer to move at a faster pace, take risks, and get things done now. They are more comfortable with change and challenges.

They may come across as insensitive or showing a lack of concern when under pressure. This refers to D-styles’ tendency to overlook how their actions and behaviors affect others. Their independent style makes it challenging to work collaboratively with others.

Communication Style

Animated-D-style-resultsD-styles often communication in one direction – they talk and expect others to listen. They tend to express their own opinions as facts; needing no further discussion. D-styles may be blunt and tend to challenge and interrupt others often.

As D-styles, you come across as the most aggressive and assertive of the four DISC styles. You are results-oriented, competitive, and strong-willed. You want to achieve results quickly and you want to do it now. Others may see you as too aggressive, blunt, and even rude. When you are feeling pressured you come across as insensitive because you are more focused on the task than on others input. Many D-styles consider teamwork a waste of time and view change and challenges as exciting.

Preferred environment

D-styles prefer environments where they have independence, variety, and challenges. Risky challenges are something they are up for.

They prefer opportunities to accomplish clear and quantifiable goals; especially with personal reward. D-styles prefer fast-paced, even chaotic environments that are free from routine and structure.