Sales Capacity Assessment: Hiring Report

How can the Sales Capacity Assessment: Hiring Report help you make better hiring decisions?

Screen Shot 2020-06-25 at 6.40.28 AMThe Hiring Report is part of the FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment suite of tools. It helps to identify a person’s current sales capacity based on 18 core sales competences. In addition, the report provides supporting information to help determine the strength of the candidate’s fit to a job role.

How to Use

Sales 18 CompetencesThe assessment is designed for people who have at least some sales experience. They need to able to accurately interpret the questionnaire answer options.

The Hiring Report describes a person’s current level of competence in order to identify their strengths, development areas, and how well matched they are for the job role. The scores are not static. A person can certainly develop or even reprioritize their competences. In fact, a person can develop their skills in any of the 18 sales competences with training and coaching.

While reviewing the scores, consider which competences relate strongly to the specific job requirements. For example, a respondent may have a low score for a competence. However, if the competence is not an important factor for the job then it may actually be beneficial because they don’t need to focus on it.

A person’s competence results are further described beyond the overall score. The Individual Scores section defines what their high and low score means. The report also contains Development Plans for each competence. Each plan describes the person’s current level of a competence and tips to better leverage it.

Sales Roles

Sales Capacity Assessment Sales Roles Summary PageThe Hiring Report calculates a person’s match to each of the 8 standard sales roles. The matched roles, are ranked from high to low. As you review the match percentages, remember that the scores reflect the respondent’s current level of competence. With enough motivation and dedication, any competence can be developed in time.

The Sales Roles are divided into Top Roles, Potential roles, and Marginal Roles. Top sales roles are presently the most comfortable to the person and create the best opportunities for success. Potential sales roles are more challenging at this time, but with effort and ongoing development could become a fit. Marginal sales roles are the most difficult for this candidate and would require more improvement in several areas to become a fit.

Sales Roles Sales ProcessConsider taking some time up front to match your job to the sales roles. In the end, you will have a clearer and quicker picture of how well a candidate matches to your job. Furthermore, you can create up to 5 of your own sales roles with unique criteria to replace or support the system’s standard job roles.

Sales Excuse Index® and Questions

Sales Excuse Index LogoThe Excuse Index® identifies how likely the person is to make excuses to avoid direct sales activities. The higher the score, the more excuses the person is likely to make. The lower the score, the more likely the person is to focus on actions that directly produce sales results. For example, a person with an Excuse Index® of 35% spends about 35% of their time not selling and 65% of their time focused on the sales process. If the person has a score of 66% then they are spending two-thirds of their time avoiding direct sales activities!

The questions in the Question section are based on the person’s individual scores. There are a set of questions based on each competence score. These questions are designed to help you ask better questions in the hiring process, unlike the self-development questions in the Development Report.

The Hiring Report is designed to help you make better decisions about a candidate. Are you ready to get started?