Sales Capacity Team Assessment Suite – Team Sales Competences

How can the FinxS® Team Sales Capacity Assessment help to maximize your sales team’s performance?

Many sales managers are looking for ways to increase the performance of their sales team. Your team benefits if they have clear and practical direction on how to become more successful. The FinxS® Team Sales Capacity Assessment shows and describes your sales team’s present competence level in 18 critical sales areas. It is a part of a suite of tools based on the FinxS® Sales Questionnaire.

The FinxS® Sales Questionnaire

Sales team of 4, 2 women and 2 menThe FinxS® Sales Questionnaire measures your team member’s sales competences, specific job roles, and their perceived inclination along the sales continuum. It creates a roadmap to sales success by focusing in three main areas.

First off, the Sales Excuse Index® measures your salesperson’s current likelihood to find excuses for not engaging in sales activities. Secondly, it measures their present level of competence in 18 critical areas for selling success. Thirdly, it looks deeper into their Sales Mindsets to identify specific roadblocks; such as self-defeating beliefs, to success in sales.

Their results help create a very specific development plan on how to improve. It’s simple because it uses one questionnaire to generate different types of reports. It also uses the same platform as the Extended DISC® Assessments, but it is not based on DISC. As a final note on using the Assessment results, based on FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment Questionnaire; they should not be used as the sole criterion for making decisions about a person or a team.

Now, let’s look at ways to interpret the results!

The FinxS® Sales Capacity Suite

Sales Competence Development Cover pageThe new FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment suite includes many types of individual assessments and team assessments. You and your team are able to review the results using the most relevant feedback data possible. One way is to focus on your team’s sales competences. The teams assessments include:

  • Team Executive Summary – provides Executive Summary Scores for each sales team member into one report.
  • Team Competence Table – a quick one-page snapshot of how team members score for each sales competence.
  • Team Competence Summary – provides a one page summary of how team members score for each competence.
  • Team Sales Excuse Index® – clear representation of how each team member scores in terms of their Sales Excuse Index.
  • Team Details – provides specific data analysis of how each team member scores for the sales competences.

FinxS® Team Sales Competences Summary

FinxS® Team Competence Summary - Prospecting

You can also use the data results to look at the Team Sales Competences Summary. This table breaks down each of the 18 critical sales competences, identifies and describes how each of your team members approach the sales competence. The 18 pages of the report focuses on one page for each of the 18 sales competences.

In the above example, L. Meitner scores in the top green area of the graph for the “Prospecting” competence. The table then further describes how L. Meitner approaches prospecting, “generates leads, but does not does not or forgets to follow up unless prospects are ready to move forward right away.” For M. Faraday, he or she is likely to focus on cultivating new business from existing clients instead of looking for new ones. Prospecting is not likely a current strength for M. Faraday.

FinxS® Team Sales Excuse Index®

FinxS Sales Capacity Assessment Team Sales Excuse Index GraphThe Sales Excuse Index® is one of the simplest ways to view the productivity of your team. Sales is a tough and competitive profession. The Excuse Index® identifies how likely a person is to make excuses during the sales process. If your Excuse Index® is 10%, like B Pascal and M Mitchell in the example above then you know these two are spending 90% of their time on selling and only 10% of their time on non-sales related activities.

FinxS® Sales Team Competences Table

FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment Sales Team Competences Table

The FinxS® Sales Team Competences table is a overall representation of your team’s current capacity to perform in each of the 18 sales competences. It creates a simple one-page snapshot for coaches and managers for how their team is doing in relation to the 18 competences.

The above table shows the distribution of a sample group of team members within the 18 sales competences spectrum. Each team member is counted and scored in the competence of the spectrum of each competence. Overall numbers in each box indicate how many team members score in the spectrum of each competence.

The three green boxes at the right side of the scale indicate competences that are your team members’ strengths. Yellow boxes in the middle of the scale indicate competences your team members want to try to make their strengths. They may succeed occasionally or they are not quite fully reaching their full level of proficiency. The three green boxes on the left side of the scale indicates competences that are not your team members’ current sales strengths.

The table provides an overall picture of your sales team’s current levels of team competences. In the example, “Money Concept” appears to be a team strength; whereas, “Prospecting” is not.

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senior businessman with his sales team at office. business people groupThe information from the FinxS Sales Team Capacity Assessment helps you gain insight into your team’s current competence levels based on the 18 different sales skills. It helps to identify areas of strength and development and recognizes where your salespeople may need extra coaching and development. You then have the opportunity to dive deeper into each of your team member’s development to help them succeed.

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