Improving your understanding of DISC D-style

D-styles are Task-Oriented and Active. The D-style training video will teach you how D-styles communicate, act under pressure, decide, succeed, and much more!


D-styles are the most forceful and assertive of the four DISC styles. D-styles tend to be direct, results-oriented, competitive and strong-willed. They prefer to move fast, take risks and get things done immediately. They like change and challenges and are multi-taskers. D-styles want to create change; routine is boring to them. They want to be in charge and have the power and control. The D-style motto is: “I did it my way”. One of their biggest fears is to lose control.

How D-Styles communicate

D-Style Communication

D-styles often communicate in one direction – they talk and expect others to listen. At times they express their own opinions as facts needing no further discussion or input. They may be blunt and challenge others. D-styles are impatient listeners and have a tendency to interrupt. Their favorite question is “What?” such as “What is the bottom line?” and “What’s in it for me?”

How D-Styles Decide

DISC D-Style Decision Making

D-styles want to make independent decisions and make them quickly. Since they don’t need a lot of information to swiftly decide and are comfortable taking risks, they’re more likely to make wrong decisions. However, D-styles get over their mistakes quickly and move on by keeping the big picture in mind.

How D-Styles act under pressure

DISC D-Style Under Pressure

Under pressure they can show a lack of concern for others because they are focusing on the tasks. As a result, others may perceive D-styles as being too aggressive, blunt and even rude. At times, D-styles can also be impatient and overbearing. They’re often not good listeners and prone to making quick decisions. D-styles have a tendency to overlook how their actions and behaviors affect others.

How D-Styles succeed

DISC D-Style Success

D-Styles succeed by being decisive, taking risks and focusing on the big picture, results and goals. They are quick to take action, venture into risky and new situations, keep others moving forward and are not hesitant to communicate their own opinions.

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