Improving your understanding of DISC S-style

S-styles are People-Oriented and Reserved. The S-style training video will teach you how S-styles communicate, act under pressure, decide, succeed, and much more!


An S-style is steady, calm, sincere and laid back. While they do like interaction with other people, they’re more reserved and less animated than I-styles. They are eager to help and support others. They enjoy working in a team environment and often will loyally defend their own group or team. Fairness and justice are very important to S-styles. They do not like to disappoint others or let them down. Since S-styles prefer stability and security, they tend to resist change and may need support with it. Their biggest fear is loss of stability. Their motto is: “If it’s not broken, let’s not fix it.”

How S-Styles communicate

DISC S-Style Communication

S-styles’ communication is often one directional – they listen. They are polite and answer when asked. S-styles are most comfortable communicating in one-to-one situations. They speak calmly, are good at building trust, and are patient listeners. Their favorite question is “How?” such as “How are we going to do this?” and “How does this impact us?”

How S-Styles Decide

DISC S-Style Decision Making

S-styles are prone to be cautious and slower in their decision-making. This is because they consider the impact of their decisions on others and want everyone to get along. S-styles commonly double-check their decisions and often talk them over with someone they trust before making the final decision. They look for support in precedents and information to ensure they make the best decision.

How S-Styles act under pressure

DISC S-Style under pressure

Since they have a tendency to be overly accommodating and polite, under pressure S-styles can become too willing to help and give in to the decisions of others. They frequently say “yes” too easily by putting the needs of others’ ahead of their own. S-styles can also stubbornly hold on to the status quo to protect their sense of security. At times, they overestimate the amount of work involved.

How S-Styles succeed

DISC S-Styles Success

S-styles succeed by being very persistent and maintaining a long-term perspective. While they are sometimes slower to initiate action, once they do, they are unstoppable. They get things done and ensure tasks are completed well. S-styles execute reliably and consistently.

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