Sales Capacity Assessment Suite: Development Report

The FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment – Development Report is designed to provide supporting information on a salesperson’s’ self-development and road to sales success.

Sales Competence Development Cover page

How it works

The Development Report works by identifying your present proficiency in 18 critical sales areas. Your results are based on your answers to the FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment. In order to generate accurate results, you need to have prior sales experience to be able to accurately interpret the questions.

The Assessment identifies your strengths and development areas based on specific sales competences. You will usually agree, as with more of us, on your strengths; however, you may have some reluctance to accept certain development areas. This is a very normal reaction. It is always more difficult to address our weaknesses and blind spots, but in the end, you can remove roadblocks that are impeding your success.

Keep in mind, your results reflects your current level of competence; you can develop your skills in all of them with training and coaching. In addition, your beliefs about your present level of competence may impact the results. For example, your score for a competence may be lower if you don’t feel it is important at this time. You may want to consider if you need to make adjustments to your present beliefs.

What report options are available?

couple shaking hands with salesperson at car dealershipOnce you have taken the FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment, you can generate a variety of reports. You can opt for the Hiring Report which identifies respondents’ strengths and weaknesses in sales and provides an easy-to-understand percentage matches for different types of sales roles. The assessment also allows you to create your own sales role requirements and calculates a percentage matches for candidates.

The Development Report measures salespersons’ competences in 18 critical areas for selling success. More importantly, provides a clear development plan how to improve to effectively sell more. The Manager’s Report pinpoints each salesperson’s Sales Competence match at different phases of the sales process; both pre- and post-sale to help the manager to understand their strengths, weaknesses and development needs.

Finally, there are different sales team report options to provide the executives clear information to make better decisions, develop the sales teams, and ultimately increase sales.

Focusing on the Development Report

Sales 18 Competences

The Development Report is designed to help a salesperson develop successfully. It includes their:

  • Competence Scores for 18 critically important sale areas.
  • Individual Scores to assess their current level of sales proficiency, based on high and low scores.
  • Sales Mindsets Scores to clearly identify any obstacles to success.
  • Excuse Index® score which identifies how much time they are currently devoting, or not devoting, to selling.
  • Customized Development Plan for each of the 18 Sales Competences – provides description of current competence and plan for how to improve.
  • Development Questions to help salesperson and their coach designed a more effective development plan for selling success.

Once you’ve reviewed your scores, you’re now ready to address the steps needed to achieve success; focus in on the Development Plan. It contains a plan for each of the 18 Sales Competences; use the ones that are more critical to you at this time. Each Plan reviews your score, describes how you tend to sell based on your current competence, and offers a detailed plan for improving the competence. In addition, use questions, created for each competence, to help you create a more definitive action plan.

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