Sales Capacity Assessment Suite: Sales Process & Competence Report

How can you use the match scores for the 18 Sales Competences in the sales process to improve your sales success?


SCA Sales Process & Competence Report

The FinxS® Sale Capacity Assessment: Sales Process & Competence Report is based on the responses given in the FinxS® Sales Capacity Assessment Questionnaire. The 99 questions take about 25 minutes to complete. This assessment results should not be the sole criterion for making decisions about the individual.

This report compares a person’s Sales Competence scores against each stage of the sales process. It helps to identify what competences are potential risks at every stage of the sales process.

What is the Sales Process?

Sales Process and Competence Report Sales Process Overview

There is no ideal sales process because every market, business and competitive situation requires different approaches. In this report, we are using a commonly accepted description of a sales process. We do not go into details of each process. We also do not assume every step would be applicable in every business. It is simply a general description in order for you can take the most applicable elements for your business.

We divide the sales process into two main parts, PRE (before closing the first deal) and POST (after closing the first deal). The PRE steps include Lead Evaluation, Initial Contact, Face-to-Face and Closing. The POST steps include Piloting, Maintenance and Expansion. Each individual PRE and POST step is covered on its own unique page, along with a clear definition of the step.

Let’s take a look at how the overall competences match up to the sales process.

Match Summary

Sales Process and Competence Report Match Summary

The Match Summary section compares each of the individual’s competence scores against each of the steps in the sales process. The Match Summary Table provides a summary of this person’s competence match at different phases of the sales process.

  • Competences that fall under the ‘STRENGTH’ column are clear strengths at this phase of the sales process. In the example above, for Lead Evaluation, the person has 7 competences that can be used in the PRE step of the sales process.
  • The competences that fall under the ‘SMALL STRENGTH’ column  provide some qualities that help, although they may not alone make this person excel at this phase of the sales process
  • Any competence in the ‘MEDIUM’ column means it does no play any important role at this stage of the sales process.
  • Competences under the ‘SMALL RISK’ column indicate these may cause some challenges at this phase of the sales process.
  • If competences are listed in the ‘RISK’ column then these competence may become an important challenge to succeed at this stage. Careful analysis should be made how to avoid the potential risk becoming real. In the example above, the person has 2 competences they need to be aware of in the ‘RISK’ column.

Individual Sales Process Step Pages

Sales Process and Competences Report Post Expansion

The report results are further broken down to identify the relationship of each of the 18 Sales Competences to a specific step in the sales process.

All competences are important at some stage in the sales process. However, not every competence is equally useful at every step of the sales process. Some competences, with high or low score, may actually cause challenges to the sales person at some of the steps in the sales process. We present unique pages to help your salesperson focus in on how to use their strengths, as well as how to develop and minimize their risk competences to become more successful selling.

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