DISC: Tailored to the Financial Sector

Did you know….Extended DISC® Individual Assessments are the only DISC assessments in the world that can be customized to your unique needs and applications.

Extended DISC Individual Assessments

Today, we’ll explore some of the DISC assessments available within the financial services industry.

Why have DISC assessments unique to financial services? Banks aren’t anything new. In fact, the products and interest rates banks offer are all pretty much the same. So, what separates the top financial service organizations from the rest? What separates them is the level of trust, leadership, business development and customer service that customers receive.

Sounds simple; but it’s not. So, how do we get there?

Roadmap to success

Extended DISC can help. The assessment measures an individuals’ hard-wired DISC style, NOT what they think or want to be. Therefore, you have a more accurate starting point to plan for development. Follow the Extended DISC 4 steps to effective communication for success. It will provide you with knowledge on how to personalize the customer experience for each and every customer. Let’s review the four steps:

  1. Understand how people are different
  2. Develop confident self-awareness
    • Use an assessment tailored to your job role
  3. Learn to identify the styles of others
  4. Modify behavior based on the other person’s style

Having DISC knowledge doesn’t do us any good if we’re not applying what we know. Imagine having a road map to deliver exceptional customer service? Imagine knowing how to build trust with each customer?  Imagine having leadership that taps into everyone’s unique strengths? Using the Extended DISC assessment tailored for the financial sector will equip you with the knowledge to do just that! 

Branch Managers

Let’s take a closer look. Branch Managers have a challenging job. They have goals to hit, people to manage, community outreach to attract new business, as well as maintaining positive customer relations. The Extended DISC Branch Manager Assessment can help. The assessment provides you with the 4 steps to effective communication; along with behavioral competences specific to the Branch Manager role. For example, the assessment will provide information regarding: 

  • How you achieve your goals
  • How you lead your employees
  • How you motivate your employees
  • How you develop your employees
  • How you help your employees achieve their goals
  • Tips on improving your success as a manager

There’s no right or wrong approach. The results do not measure intelligence, skills, abilities or attitudes. There is no value judgment. The focus is solely on how a person prefers to do things. We call this a person’s natural behavioral style.

The behavioral competences show the amount of energy it takes to do these things. When we understand our preferences and identify the preferences of others, we can learn how best to adjust. Remember, we can’t control other people, we can only control and change ourselves. 

Extended DISC Financial Sector Assessments

Tellers and Personal Bankers

What about bank tellers and personal bankers? Tellers and personal bankers typically are the first point of contact for customers as they enter the bank. They answer questions, process requests, and refer customers to others in the branch. The customer service they provide can be the deciding factor if the customer continues doing business with you. Imagine the impact if they understood their own customer service style and were provided tips on improving it? The Extended DISC assessments will do just that! 


Reports available

Here are some of the tailored reports available for financial services:

  • Branch Manager Assessment
  • Personal Banker Assessment
  • Teller Assessment
  • Member Relationship Officer Assessment
  • Member Relationship Representative Assessment
  • Financial Advisor Assessment
  • Business Development Assessment
  • Manager Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment

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