The Growth Mindset DISC Podcast

Extended DISC interview on the Growth Mindset Podcast!

Silawath Irshad from The Growth Mindset Podcast

Markku Kauppinen, President & CEO of Extended DISC North America has a great conversation about DISC with Silawath Irshad from The Growth Mindset Podcast. They chat about the history of DISC and how the Extended DISC® Tool can help people and organizations be more successful.

Markku provides background of DISC using the DISC Theory, which has been around since the 1920s. It was developed by William Moulton Marston to identify a person’s behavioral tendencies. People can use DISC to better predict, understand, and best utilize their behavioral style.

The Extended DISC® Assessment identifies a person’s hard-wired natural style in order to interact with others more successfully. It is important to recognize everyone has all of the 4 of the main DISC styles, but there are certain styles that we find more comfortable and some that simply take more energy.

Markku Kauppinen, President & CEO Extended DISC North AmericaMarkku and Silawath discuss the DISC styles, D, I, S, and C; how to identify them, how to better understand our own style, and how to interact more effectively with others.

They talk about what makes a successful person. Successful people tend to be more open and confident in their styles. They do not auto-pilot based on their style or treat everyone the same way. They know they need to modify their behaviors effectively.

In closing, they personally identify what determines success in life. Markku highlights success as how well we impact and relate to others. His tip for others is to recognize everyone has their own unique gifts, so believe in yourself and enjoy the journey!

Make sure to listen to gain a greater understanding of how DISC can help you to be more successful! Below are links to listen to the Podcast: