November 2018

DISC Profiles: the Opposite Styles

Workers looking at construction diagrams

Have you ever heard of Opposite DISC Profiles? The majority of us have not, but understanding they exists helps us to better interact with others.


November 2018

DISC Profiles: 3 DISC Styles Above the Line

We often identify a person by their primary DISC style. However, did you know the most common Extended DISC profile is 3 DISC styles? What does that mean and what are the implications? How do you identify them and how do you help them become more successful?


October 2018

How to Successfully Launch DISC Assessments

Tools come and go; in fact, many of them don't seem to have sustaining power. How can we, as DISC facilitators, create the value required to help people modify behaviors?


September 2018

Using DISC to Become a Better Negotiator

men shaking hands after successful negotiations

Successful people are often great negotiators. Learn how to better understand your own negotiation style and how to best modify it with others. Help employees to become more successful negotiators by guiding them how to make better decisions


August 2018

Extended DISC® Work Pair Assessment

Work Pair Cover

Conflicts, cliques, and differences cause friction, avoidance, and frustrations. They end up leaving both sides drained of energy and impede desired results and success. How can the Extended DISC Work Pair Assessment provide the necessary information about ourselves and others to develop better interactions and become more successful together?


August 2018

Sam: Your S-style Co-Worker

Animated S and I style walking

Our S-style co-workers are steady and dependable, but they can also frustrate us with resistance to change and indecisiveness. How does improving our understanding of S-styles work better with them?