June 2018

Identifying the DISC Styles of Others

OAR Acronym for Observing the DISC Styles of others

DISC provides information on our natural behavioral style. DISC can also help us to identify the main DISC styles of others. Once we are more self-aware and have the ability to identify styles of others, we are able to make appropriate behavioral modifications to become more successful.


May 2018

$24 Million Question: Are Your Assessment Tools GDPR Compliant?

GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

Have you been flooded with updated privacy policies from your internet accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Even if you are not based in Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation has a huge impact on how you handle individuals’ data. Are your assessment tools GDPR compliant?


May 2018

Building DISC into your Organizational Culture

Leaders use the DISC assessment tool to better manage their employees. DISC is most effective when it is part of the organizational culture. In addition, leaders can use DISC data beyond the DISC Assessment; allowing them to plan, adapt, and support their employees more effectively.


April 2018

Identify and Presenting DISC Profiles

There are different ways to view DISC profile results. We can identify a person's natural hardwired behavioral style, as well as his/her's perceived need to adjust behavior. In addition, learn why DISC profile results can result in an invalid and how to identify key emotions tied to the DISC results? Contact Extended DISC to learn more +1-281-298-6073 or visit www.ExtendedDISC.org


April 2018

Time Management and Extended DISC

Time Management and DISC Infographic

Everyone wants to manage their time better. DISC helps increase our self-awareness by showing how we prefer to get things done and thus, improve our time management. Once we are more aware of how we do things, we can focus on making appropriate adjustments in order to be more productive.


March 2018

Stress Management Using DISC

DISC and stress management infographic

Stress is different for everyone; whether it is the causes, the signs, or how to best manage it. We can use DISC to better identify and understand how stress management can be more effective for unique individuals.


March 2018

4 Steps to Using Extended DISC Effectively

4 Steps Graphic

The 4 Step process includes understanding the DISC styles, identifying your style, identifying the styles of others, and modifying your style appropriately. This process can be used in different applications including effective communication, leadership, conflict resolution, and sales.


March 2018

Successful Onboarding Using Extended DISC


Getting new employees to a great start is critical to their long term success. However, each employee is unique with different preferences making the onboarding challenging for many managers. We tend to focus more on recruiting and hiring the right people and overlook the power of onboarding.


February 2018

How to Promote and Sell Extended DISC®

Delivering Extended DISC is only one part of the process. In order to get people to use it, you need to promote and sell Extended DISC to your clients and organization.